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Sometimes the Lord puts an issue on my heart and in my mind and won’t let it go.  Sometimes I just get focused on a topic.  Sometimes I write a series about those issues.

I love to write about homeschooling life, how to cultivate family, my living faith, parenting in real life, ways to grow in grace and gratefulness (all of my navigation bar topics), but I also often write about  building traditions and memories through holidays, fun crafts and activities to do with your kids, healthy living,

There have been more than a few times that I write about something more specific for awhile.

Here is the list of series I’ve written about since starting this blog.  It’s not exhaustive.  Sometimes I write on something often, but from a different standpoint and not as a series.  For example, I write about read alouds, crafts, and modesty pretty often.  No series on those, though.

Dating Differently/Courtship

Why My Kids Won’t Be Doing the Dating Thing, Jan’s Story {Part 1} and {Part 2}, Linda’s Family

Christians and Severe Depression

My Journey {Part 1}, {Part 2}, and Help {Part 3}

Eating Well {current series; different challenge each month for a year towards Eating Well}

Intro, Part I: 1st Challenge; Part II: 2nd Challenge; Part III: 3rd Challenge,

James 1:25

Orphans,  Take Care of Them,  Bring Them Home,   Consider ,  Widows in our Family,  Widows in our ChurchWidows in Our Community


Don’t Marry That!

Part 1,  Part 2,   Stay Married to That,


If the Shoe Fits, Buy It (not a typical series, but it’s definitely near and dear to my heart)

My Mom’s Shoes (aka: How it All Started) , I’m Giving You an Excuse,  January 25th,  If the Shoe Fits, ISFBI 2010, Go Forth and Get Shoes!, If the Shoe Fits 2011,  Thank You for Romans 12:15ing


Kids at Different Ages

Four Year Olds, Six Year Olds, Ten Year Olds, Twelve Year Olds


Body Image/Beauty

Where are all the Wise Women Going?,  Beautiful Generosity,  Balance in Body Image


Oneness in Marriage

Part 1,  Part 2,  Part 3,


Memorial Stones

Memorial Stones (explanation), Step One,  Step Two,  Mountain,  Leaving Home,  Dr. Mole’s Vacation,  Georgia, My Sweet Faith,  A Piece of Plastic,  A Pivotal Moment,  Daniel, The Butterfly, A Longing, A Cruise, Names


Words in Red

Up for a Challenge? , Matthew,  Mark,  Luke,  John 

Family Centered C-Sections {see also navigation tab: C-Section Support} 

Family Centered C-Section,  A Patient’s Story: Erin’s ,  A Nurse Director’s Story:Tina, a Midwife’s Story: Niessa, an OB’s story: Liz


Why Go?,   Where to Go: Part 1,  Where to Go: Part 2, Why Members are Important to Visitors,  Helping Visitors ConnectHow to be the New Kids {Part 1} and {Part 2}


Something  I am also prone to do is to write about topics that get the blood flowing, get a dander up, or rile things up.  I call them Challenging Topics (some of the series fit in this category, some do not).

Marriage and Difficult Sickness

Football and Idolatry… or Not

Sports Violence 

Why We Don’t Do Friday Night Lights

Love and Hell?  (aka: Why I”m not a Fan of Rob Bell)

Baby Name Ownership (aka: Starting Your Parenting in Pride)

Lack of Purity and Modesty in Brides


Gifts and Treasures



Read and chime in!  I like hearing from others, even those who disagree (as long as the comments are shared in kind ways).  Let’s chat!













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