Down Syndrome & Autism

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I have worked with children my entire life.  I love kiddos.  Not just my own.  I majored in deaf education and taught for three years, worked at a summer camp for children with physical disabilities for five summers, married a director of a boys’ home and summer camp for kids with learning challenges and worked three of the summers before becoming a mom, foster mothered a teen who is deaf, and now I assist my amazing husband whenever I can as he manages a camp for kiddos on the autism spectrum.

Lots of special needs involvement in my life.

Most recently, we adopted our precious daughter who is rocking an extra chromosome.  She has Down syndrome.

So, I have written about autism, about special needs, about camps for kiddos who are not “typical”, and about Down syndrome.

I have also posted a series during autism awareness month in April.  So, with running a camp for children with autism and having a daughter with Down syndrome, there will be a lot here about those two disabilities.

If you are looking for encouragement, challenges, real life stories, and personal accounts for any of that… simply type the appropriate words in the search box in the side bar.

While children with special needs have been a part of my life in little and big ways for over twenty-five years, I am new to special needs parenting.  Our precious Jubilee was born in August of 2015.

Chromosomally Enhanced WEB

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