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I’ve had a lot to say about abortion.  Most of it is my abortion recovery story.

I honestly was mentally duped about abortion, but something inside me screamed against it anyway.  It continued screaming and then weeping and then dying.  Until I received healing a mere two years later.  Praise God.

Why share about abortion here?

  • I want women to know that keeping the secret can kill you slowly, even more than the dying part of you from the moment of the abortion.  Sharing with a few people (not necessarily the world wide web, like me) can bring healing.
  • I want pastors and Biblical counselors to know that the abortion statistics (google for most up to date info) tell you that there are hurting women in your congregation, bearing the shame, and possibly unforgiveness,  from one of the most awful sins to ever confess.  Don’t leave them there alone.
  • I want pro-abortion advocates to know they are deceived or are flat out lying and they know it.  I have heard them myself.  I have been them myself.
  • I want pro-life advocates to see there are many facets to this discussion and they all need to be rooted in love.  And grace.  And compassion.
  • I want everyone to know that through Jesus Christ, there is salvation from all sin as well as forgiveness.  Any sin.  Even the most horrid.

This issue will be a continually addressed on my blog.  Not weekly or even every other week, but it will be a common topic for these very reasons.

My Abortion Story, for your reading:

Part 1: An Abortion on February 16, 1990

Part 2: After the Abortion: Bound

Part 3: The Pivotal Moment (When I Learned Abortion was Wrong)

Part 4: Where God Pushed on My Heart about My Abortion (and I learned not to push back)

{more coming}

There are also other posts regarding abortion here on the blog.  Just type abortion in the search box in the side bar.

Abortion is horrid. For the baby, most of all.  For the woman, for the rest of her life.

I pray my story brings healing, hope, and honesty to an incredibly difficult topic.

If you are hurting from abortion, please know there is help to bring you hope and healing.  Truly.  The Bible study I did with two other women and a group leader, all post-abortive women, and later led other women through, was Women in Ramah.  There are more than a few Bible studies available now that can bring you peace, but only through Christ.

Please contact your local CareNet to ask about a group study (which I believe is much more helpful than doing one on your own).  Also, check out Surrendering the Secret.

As usual, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  mindybrouse(at)gmail(dot)com

Do my kids know?  The older three know.  I shared with HB before posting An Abortion on February 16, 1990.  I shared with Noah and Chloe the night before I was on the Dani Johnson show to share my story.  My other children do not know at this time.  We will tell them when we believe they are each ready to handle the information.  Please honor that.

To God be the glory!

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