If the Shoe Fits 2016 {giveaway}

by GfG on January 24, 2016 · 2 comments

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It’s time.  Time to celebrate Mom’s homegoing day by buying or donating shoes. Yes, If the Shoe Fits, Buy It 2016 has arrived!
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If the Shoe Fits, Buy It is my little event that turns January 25 from a day of mourning into a day of celebrating my mom.  I miss her like crazy all the time. Eight years has flown by, yet I feel like I haven’t heard her voice in centuries.  How I long for her hug.

For her to meet Paul Louis.  And now Jubilee.

Still…. taking the focus off loss and putting it on celebrating my mom’s spunk is what this day is all about.  And it’s about shoes.

How  to participate: buy shoes, donate shoes, or donate to Soles 4 Souls.  Yes, that’s all.  While my tradition is to buy a pair of shoes, I believe donating good quality usable shoes still honors my mom and I like Soles 4 Souls ministry of providing shoes for those in need.  One dollar = one pair shoes.  Fantastic. If you choose this option, please donate in my mama’s name: Georgia Lagarde.

I would soooo appreciate photos on Instagram! #itsfbi and #itsfbi2016   Don’t #iftheshoefitsbuyit because there are tons and many of them are not appropriate.  Know idea why. Anyway… stick to my #itsfbi and #itsfbi2016

You can see some of last year’s entries on IG!  They are adorable!

Why I do shoes:  The long story is this beautiful, but heart wrenching night with my mom, but the short story is that she loved shoes.  Seriously.  Loved may be an understatement.

How to enter the giveaway:

Entries accepted Sunday January 24, 2016- Sunday January 31, 2016.

You must email me a photo of your shoes, tag me on Instagram (gratefulforgrace) in your photo of your shoes, OR forward me the confirmation email from Soles 4 Souls (mindybrouseATgmailDOTcom).  You may enter all three ways or just one way.  The more shoes, the merrier.

To be fair, donated shoes must be in good condition and three pairs equals one entry.   If you bought a pair of shoes and have been saving them (aka: not wearing them yet) for this event, they count!  Otherwise, shoes must be bought or donated during the giveaway.  I most prefer shopping on the 25th, but that’s just because I’m so sentimental.  I’m sharing late this year, so anytime this week is great.

You can gain extra entries by sharing on social media.  See the Rafflecopter for ways.

The prize: a $20 gift card to Amazon will be sent to the winner!  All entries will be checked for legitimacy, for fairness.

Alrighty…. I know what kind of shoes I need this year. They aren’t exciting at all, but so what. And it’s the same kind I needed last year: I need slippers.

Since I’m 45 a regular pair of slippers with no support will not do. I need a good pair that I can wear all day.  I guess a more accurate word would be “house shoes”.  Egad, that makes me sound old.  I am looking on Amazon and will probably end up ordering from there.

I will still go shopping tomorrow.  This year, it will be with my kids.  Thinking of Mom.  Thinking of my sister.  And grateful that I will see my mom again someday.

(click on a Rafflecopter giveaway below to enter the giveaway)

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