If We Want Planned Parenthood Supporters to Admit They’re Wrong, We Must Set the Example

by GfG on September 29, 2015 · 2 comments

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The ten undercover Planned Parenthood videos should have startled our nation.  And today Cecile Richards of PP testified on Capitol Hill, having to admit to lies and deception.  I certainly haven’t seen the uproar that either of these hould be causing.  And part of the reason {yes, there are more, but this blog post is focusing only on one} is because people rarely admit they are wrong.  Being humble doesn’t come naturally.  I’ve seen it in friends.  I’ve seen it in myself.

Here’s what I mean.

Many many prolife advocates are calling for PP supporters to admit that their support has been abused and that PP isn’t actually the great entity they believed.  To do this, people must A) admit they are wrong and B) do it publicly.

Verbalized and/or public humility.


How often do you see this?

Yeah, I don’t see it often either.

Not in the news. Not in social media.  Not even in my little circles.

As I was stewing and getting aggravated about the deafening silence from Planned Parenthood adamant supporters as well as the general supporters, I suddenly thought of all the times people in my life, including Christians, changed their stance, their conviction, or their mindset from ones that were pretty stern and they never said a word.

Never admitted that their previous opinion had been wrong.  Never publicly explained why their change.  And never apologized to those that had been ostracized, left in bewilderment, or previously condemned.

I’ve watched people go from one staunch position that was vocalized and clear only to leave it and never say a word.

And it’s aggravated me.

As I sat there thinking about this lack of humility in people and especially in Planned Parenthood supporters currently, feeling pretty indignant, the Holy Spirit pricked my heart.

And I joined the ranks of the prideful about position changes. And refusal to admit I was wrong about… lots.

It’s much easier to either defend our silence as no ones business, or ignore the situation, or lie and say we weren’t that adamant previously.  Much easier than humbling ourselves and admitting we were wrong.

And I am no different.

So, I thought about the times I didn’t apologize to my children, but instead just acted like nothing happened.

I thought about the times I acted huffy when Paul called me out on not admitting I was wrong.

I thought about the times I have written or said something and later changed my mind, but didn’t write or say anything.

I thought about this saying:

My position may change, but the fact that I am right never will.

I can probably count on one hand the number of times a personal Christian friend has admitted they were wrong to me and apologized. And I’ve never seen or read it publicly from in real life people I know.  Not many people eat humble pie.

So, friends, before you walk too long in indignation that Planned Parenthood supporters are silent, take a look at your own heart and life.  Many PP supporters are refusing to even watch the videos out of pride.  Pride in something they believed in and don’t want to get even a slight peek that they could be wrong.

Do we do the same thing?

Let’s ask ourselves the following questions:

  • Do we admit it when we are wrong (I don’t mean just when we have sinned, but when we held an opinion that was wrong)?
  • Do we just gloss over it and not even take the time to think about how wrong we were and what we should do about it?
  • Do we confess or admit it to everyone or only a select view people?
  • Do we justify our change and feel we don’t need to explain it to anyone, even though many people knew our previous stance?
  • Have we ever publicly espoused a strong viewpoint and then changed our minds, but not said a word?
  • Are there likely people in our lives who would be blessed by our explaining why we changed my minds on something?
  • Would people be encouraged by our apologized for any way?
  • Are we calling for a standard we don’t keep, privately or publicly?

The videos make public atrocities that are unbelievable. The silence by our nation is even worse to me.  The lack of response, except from adamant prolifers.  The refusal to hold their beloved Planned Parenthood accountable is sickening and speaks volumes of pride.

There is a double standard at work here: Planned Parenthood supporters are happy to call out Conservatives, Christians, or anyone who opposed abortion for any kind of misconduct and they are especially vocal when anything is swept under the carpet or when heads are buried.  Yet they are doing the same thing.

Still, let’s not be a part of a double standard by refusing to humble ourselves privately and publicly.

Let’s set the example and let’s do it starting right now.

To that end, there will be some blog posts coming to address some changes in stance I have had. And apologies to go with it.

And I am praying for my brothers and sisters in Christ to humble themselves in any and all ways the Spirit shows.

Let’s be a humble people before and while we ask others to be so.

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