What I’ve Learned in 3 Real Winters, aka Winter Outside the South {part 2}

by GfG on March 18, 2015 · 1 comment

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I’m not in the South anymore, much to my chagrin.  God had other plans and His ways are best, even if they involve temperatures sub sixty degrees.  Amen?

Real Winters B

Here are my other bits of wisdom (part 1 was yesterday) gleaned from three real winters. as opposed to winter in the South:

Feet are key.  While this may sound like a scam for more shoes, it’s surely not.  Keeping your feet warm is key (and your neck, which I already covered).  Whatever style you like, get warm ones.  Not “warm” by the South’s standard. No, I mean really warm.  The kind that have been tested in low temperatures.  If you want to leave the house, and trust me you do… cabin fever is real… you must have warm and safe shoes.

Seriously, the feet are important.   If you want to walk in snow, play in snow, or take photos of anyone playing in snow, you have to have good snow boots.  I learned quickly that some shoes are not sound to walk over snow with at all.  You’ll slip.  And if you slip after the age of thirty, you can really hurt yourself.

Also, not all snow boots are created equally.  Just because they are safe doesn’t mean they will keep you warm longer than twenty minutes. So, get snow boots that are truly good.  I don’t mean Walmart ones, really.  Sure, you can do that.  But your feet won’t stay warm.  Kids’ feet will because they are tougher than mine, for some reason.

Sorrel boots

Have I mentioned the feet?  Now, I don’t wear wool socks all the time because I have to wear shoes and in the house and socks get in the way of my indoor shoes, but wool socks are beautiful.  I’m not a fan of the big thick ones, just because I am not used to socks.  I like Darn Tough.  They are cute and thin and come in a variety of lengths.

Hands are a big deal.  I am still searching for really great gloves and will probably just have to suck it up and pay a bigger price (more than $15, say).  So neck, feet, and hands.  Gotta keep them warm if you want to feel warm.  The cuppa plan works really well, but you can’t use that tactic while driving or whatever.  Get good gloves.

Kinetic energy is good.  Moving the body has many benefits, one of which is warming it up. Walking briskly (ha!) around the house.  Jumping around.  Doing some actual organized exercise.  All of these will get the blood flowing and warm you up nicely.

Radiant energy is your friend.  I have always known the difference between sun and shade.  I mean, come on. Growing up outside New Orleans will do that to a girl.  Still, I seemed to forget when I got cold.  My instinct was to cuddle up in bed.  That’s not a great tactic.  Utilizing the sun sure does.  Just sitting in the sunshine (inside my house) makes such a difference.

Learn to see and keep seeing the beauty.  When we lose our appreciation for something, we can lose joy.  I hate hate hate to be cold, but snow falling is gorgeous.  Snow covered mountains are spectacular.  Snow topped trees are beautiful.  I had to stop seeing cold when I see snow.  Instead, I had to see the beauty of the snow itself (it was key that I was warm while doing so, I will admit).  Even on days when my plans have been shaken because an unexpected amount of snow fel in the night, I take a deep breath and appreciate the view.

Don’t pine.  Another aspect of remembering why you are where you are as well as seeing the beauty there is to not pine for another place.  Yes, I love Central Texas.  A huge part of my heart is there.  I weep when I go and it’s like the land speaks to me, but I don’t want won’t pine for it.  That’s not healthy, spiritually.  Just as Lot’s wife looked back to a place that God didn’t want her to be, I can’t look with longing.  I need to fully trust and fully invest where He has me and pining isn’t involved.

There three winters have taught me a lot about living in and through real winters.  I’ve also learned a lot about the Lord and trusting Him.  But mostly I’ve learned to keep my feet and neck warm.  Ahem.

Does this list resonate with you?


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