Why I Like Being Homeschooled: Thoughts from Phoebe, a 12 Year Old Girl

by GfG on February 20, 2015 · 2 comments

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Continuing our series ….  I thought you might enjoy (and Lord knows I will) hearing from home schooled kiddos instead of just this homeschooling mama. So, I’ve recruited… er, forced… nay, assigned essays… to six students.  You’ll get to hear the good, the bad, and the goofy straight from the good, the bad, and the goofy.  No prompting or editing by me: Just the questions and their answers. 

Ask your questions in the comment section and the student will answer. 

Next up, Phoebe.  She is so so sweet.   Seriously.  

12yo shares her thoughts about homeschooling

Why do you like homeschooling?

I like homeschooling because it makes me feel free.  I am able to play with my siblings. I can read a lot more and have friends over often.

I don’t have to get up early because of our schedule . It gives me time to wake up , eat breakfast and  get dressed, but I still sleep in.

I also like homeschooling because of the books I get to read. The books are exciting, interesting, and really fun.

What don’t you like about homeschooling?

I am not a big fan of  our subject schedule because I don’t like learning Latin. It is not fun.  It’s kind of boring. I want to learn Spanish instead of Latin.

Will you home school your kids?  Why or why not?

Yes, I will home school my kids because I think that they will deserve what I got.  I got free time, good books, time with my siblings, and lots of learning.

Is there anything else you’d like people to know about homeschooling? 

Well I think that more people should teach their kids by home schooling.  I think people should try it because it’s good and it’s better for the parents get to spend more time with their kids.

 Do you have any questions for Phoebe? 


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