My Name is Mindy and I Hate to Cook. {Can You Help Cure Me of This Syndrome?}

by GfG on February 6, 2015 · 19 comments

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My name is Mindy and I don’t like cooking.  Not even a little bit.  It’s been three years since I prepared a meal and loved doing so.

I am calling it Hate to Cook Syndrome.

I am not sure why I stopped liking it, but I have a theory.  I’m not really going there today, because it doesn’t really matter why or how I lost my love for cooking because everyone in this house still wants to eat.  Sure, I can delegate meals (which I do) and let the kidshelp plan (which I also do), but the lack of love is still there.  And the stinkers want to eat three times a day, can you believe? The nerve.

I’m hoping you can help me, readers.

10-i-hate-cooking BLOG

Do you love cooking?

  • Why do you love it?
  • Is there anything you do to help cultivate that?
  • What do you specifically love?

Do you have specific recipes you love preparing?

  • How about sharing them?
  • Where do you find “new” recipes that motivate you?
  • What is your family’s favorite entree?

What would you say to a friend that would rather serve cereal every night instead of cook? 

  • Encouragement?
  • Tips for helping change her mindset?
  • Advice on choosing and planning?
  • Phone numbers for carry out places in the boonies?
  • Name of your favorite cereal to serve?

This complete disinterest in cooking has rubbed off on my children, sadly.  So the disease has spread and I need to take control again.

Do you suffer from Hate to Cook Syndrome too?  

  • How do you battle it?
  • Do you fake it until you make it?
  • Is is curable?

I planned my menu for the week and it’s fine.  Nothing that requires too much work (which is a must for me, unless it’s a special day) and the dinners are healthy.  I dreaded doing it as much as I dread getting out of bed whens it’s 32 degrees outside and there is not a fire in the wood stove yet.  Which is a lot of dread, in case you aren’t catching that.

I know it’s time to make a 3 week menu again, to prevent Dreading the Planning Disorder which adds to my Hate to Cook Syndrome.  So, that is on the menu for today.

Can you help a girl out?

Share your advice, recipes, tips, commiserations, links, and more in the comments.  Maybe, just maybe, I’m not the only one suffering in silence from this disease.  Maybe you can cure two mamas with one comment.  That would be nice, eh?

Off to get out the cereal! 


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