Are Our Worship Songs for Christ Alone? Or Could They Be Sung In a Hindu Temple?

by GfG on January 14, 2015 · 6 comments

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A few years ago, I shared about one of my favorite movies, Lagaan.  I adore all things from India, especially the food.  I also like Bollywood (and Bollywood dancing, even if I stink at it), which is where Lagaan entered my life.

There is one specific scene in Lagaan that stirs my heart every time, stirs to sadness and hope for those whose faith is misplaced.  Here it is… give it a quick watch (this isn’t the best online version of this scene [this one is much better, visually], but it’s the only one I could find that had the English subtitles displayed):

If you read the words to that song, which is just beautiful, and you think of Christ… it makes a lovely worship song.  There is nothing in the song that specifies Krishna or Radha specifically, other than the title Pure of Essence, which could still fit Christ.  They call him Savior.  They give him credit for creation.  They ask him for protection.

He is all they have.

And that struck a chord with me.

If I think of Christ and sing that song, I am worshiping.  My heart is on Christ.  I am praising Him.

But when the Hindus sing that song, their hearts are not on Christ.  And they are not praising Him.

Same song.  Different hearts focused differently.

And that scene haunts me every time I’m in a church service and we sing a song that could be sung by anyone, or nearly so.  When a song is so unspecific that a Hindu, Jew, or Muslim could sing it too, with their heart on their god…. then I feel like we are doing a disservice at church.

The place where we have come to specifically worship God the Father, through God the Son, equipped by the God the Holy Spirit.

I’m not saying that every song I ever sing has to be a worship song and must be specifically Christian.

I have started to believe that when we are together to worship, that our corporate songs should be specifically for the Church to sing to The Lord.  Christ’s Bride, praising Him.  Glorifying The One True God.

Our Worship Songs

In church…

I no longer have the stomach for songs that someone of another faith could sing in praise to their false god.

I no longer feel the Lord is most glorified with songs that are generic in praise and adoration.

I no longer want to sing songs in corporate worship that could be used in a movie praising Krishna.

Songs like In Christ Alone, Be Thou My Vision, Before the Throne of God, and My Redeemeer Lives  now speak to me even more.

O Paalanhaare is a beautifully sung song and how I wish the cast would come to know The Savior.

And how I wish that we, the Bride of Christ, would be sure to sing songs that can not be voiced to anyone but Him when we are at corporate worship.

What are your thoughts on this? 

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