We are Listed! Are YOU one of the 500?

by GfG on December 31, 2014 · 4 comments

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Wahoo!!  We are officially listed as an adoptive family with our agency!  I am so stinkin’ excited!  Can you tell?

After ten months on the waiting list, we got the go ahead to start our home study on November 29th. We completed it December 22nd.  Yup, that’s fast.  I was highly motivated and our case manager was highly kind.    Over thirty-five tasks completed, including eight doctors appointments, fingerprinting sessions, four interview sessions and two home visits left us with tears in our eyes as we were told, “You’re officially approved!”

So… this means now we wait.

We wait for My Hero to choose us.   The woman who will make a beautiful, self-sacrificing, life giving choice.

Technically, we could get the call any day. And that’s pretty amazing.

What is also amazing is that we are only $3,000 shy of our adoption agency fee fundraising goal.  We have worked hard and others have been kind.

If my blog has blessed, encouraged, equipped, or otherwise been a part of your life, would you please consider a one time donation of $20 to our fund?

I share how you can be forever a part of our family adopting in this short (less than two minutes) video:

I am so excited to share the art behind the puzzle pieces I can hardly stand it!  It’s beautiful and meaningful!

As we wait for the call to have Maybe Baby join our family, we must work to raise the last of our funds.

But that’s a pretty fantastic task!

I can’t wait to meet him/her. I can’t wait to see how God works in our journey. I can’t wait to show him/her the names of all the people on the puzzle art.

Won’t you be a part of it by having your name on our puzzle art forever?   Click donate! 

Be one of the 500 names on our adoption art … be one of the 500 who blessed our family in our journey!

One of the 500


It only takes $20!  Why not? 

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