Happy Surprises in Our Homeschool Year So Far

by GfG on December 19, 2014 · 2 comments

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So, today we wrap up our first semester for the 2014-2015 school year and I thought it would be encouraging to take time to see what great, good, or ok aspects of our year (so far) have occurred.

Encouraging for me.

Maybe for you.

Possibly for the kids.

Surprises in our homeschool WEB

Happy Surprises at Morning Star Academy This Semester:

Noah likes geometry, chemistry, and logic. This has blessed my socks off.  I shouldn’t be so surprised that he is enjoying these classes.  He does have Paul’s genes and all.   Still… for this mama who struggled with higher math in high school and has no idea what she learned in higher sciences, this is fantastic.  He even sends logic questions and challenges to a friend and the friend to him, just for fun.  Whatever.

Noah is doing well in geometry, chemistry, and logic.  So not only does he like these classes, but he is doing well. Again, I thank the LORD for Paul’s contribution to my kiddos’ minds.

Phoebe is catching on to math.  My sweet Phoebe struggles with some aspects of learning, mainly retention, and so it’s fun to see her catching on to long division and other math concepts that she has struggled with for so long.

Chloe is persevering well in logic and rhetoric writing.  Chloe was a reluctant participant in the co-op classes, since they are geared towards sophomores and she’s in eighth grade.  But I didn’t want to miss the opportunity for her to take these subjects with fantastic teachers nor the opportunity for me to not have to teach them.  Ahem.  They have been challenging for her, but she is doing really well. I’m proud of her.

HB nailed  linguistics and music theory at college.  So, our first born has finished her first semester of full time college and she earned three As and two Bs.  I’m a little proud.  The fact that she nailed her linguistics and music theory classes was fun.

Esther has neat handwriting.  I have seriously dropped the ball in the handwriting department.  I’m not sure why, but it’s true.  I’m happy to see that #5 has neat handwriting.  Better late than never, eh?

Paul Louis loves to exercise.  We are not a sports family nor do we put enough effort towards exercise. It’s a new goal to do better in this area and Paul Louis has helped.  He loves to put the timer on and run around the house, quite literally, for an hour.  He’s a Just Dance pro and helps us all have a good attitude doing it in the morning.  Again with the better late than never, huh?

I am growing in patience.  One of the most common comments I hear is, “Oh, you must be so patient to homeschool.”  Nope.  God grows me just like He does everyone else and I did not start this journey with more patience than anyone else.  I have a post for next week that shares more about this, so come back. Still, my surprise is how much He has grown me in this area this semester.

I have learned to let it go.  Fear of failure is a big deal in my life, but God has brought me to a place of more consistent victory in this area.  Possibly too much so.  I may have become too unaffected by not meeting expectations or goals sometimes. Still, it’s a happy surprise that I can work and let go of balls that are dropped without freaking out.  Yea, me.  Yea, God.

So… there ya go.  Not a bad list.  Sure, I could share struggles, but that’s not really all that encouraging for me right now.  Maybe in January, I’ll focus on that and how to help our struggles.

How was/is your first semester? 


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