Rescue: Raising Teens in a Drowning Culture {review & giveaway for one copy}

by GfG on November 4, 2014 · 4 comments

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Raising teens in today’s western culture is much, much different than it was twenty years ago.  Teens face challenges that make the ones I faced in high school look like child’s play.  The media soaked, sex riddled, information overloaded, fast paced, and pressure filled culture requires diligent parenting to equip and encourage teens.  It is a daunting task and “not for the faint at heart”.

So says Candy Gibbs.  And I couldn’t agree more.

Enter the book Rescue: Raising Teens in a Drowning Culture by Candy Gibbs


When I was contacted about reviewing (and hosting a giveaway, yea for y’all!) this book, I was immediately interested due to some similarities Mrs Gibbs and I share and because of her passion and love for teens.  It’s palatable in this book.

There are tons of books on parenting out there.  Seriously.

Why do I think you should buy this book and give it a read?  Because it’s a quick, informative, unique, and blunt look at some topics that many parents might rather ignore.  All from a godly perspective.

The book was formed out of Ms. Gibbs’ years of work with teens and parents, running a crisis pregnancy center.

It includes:

  • commentary about a broad topic and then specific topics within that
  • input of young adults who have been in her life who are now past the turbulent teen years (Life Guards)
  • tips on how to handle each of the areas addressed (Treading Tips)
  • truth from Scripture on the issues discussed in each chapter (Life Preservers)

Her advice is practical and specific.  Her words loving and honest.  Her experience wise and tempered.

The chapters address family, faith/identity, sex, technology, homosexuality, unplanned pregnancies, communication, mentoring, and preparing for college.  While these aren’t all of the topics we need to talk to our teens about (and she admits she didn’t hit all we need to address as parents, but the ones she felt she was supposed to in this book), she tackles the big ones.  And she tackles them well.

Her doctrine is solid. Her heart honorable.  Her goals valid.

“You can swim confidently into the murky water at parenting teens.”

I read this book in just a couple of nights, so while it is deep in its intent, it’s not deep reading.

If you have children, read this book.  If you have teens, read it now.  If you have teens in the public school system, read it yesterday.

Mrs. Gibbs is Texan, is the executive director of a pregnancy center, ministers to post abortive women, and desires to glorify the Lord.  How could I not love her?

Her passion is talking candidly with parents about how to help their teens navigate shark infested, undercurrent containing, and stormy waters while loving them, building their faith, and maintaining precious relationships.

I will admit that I didn’t agree with a couple of the suggestions, but that was because our family culture is not the same as mainstream culture (public school children deal with topics much, much earlier than our children do due to peer interaction being different) and I don’t hold the same amount of value in early twenty year old adults opinion on parenting as she does (I think they need more space before giving advice).  Still… I think she is dead on in her advice.

We can’t hope for the best and just pray.  We can’t hope for the best and avoid the tough topics.  We can’t hope for the best and not engage.

We must swim alongside our children into the deep water.

Rescue is a great resource for parents and a terrific jumping off spot for conversations with your children.

I highly recommend it.  AND one of you gets a FREE copy!

Are you ready to talk with your teens? 

{The FEDD Agency provided both copies of this book for a review, but the opinion shared here is fully my own.
Giveaway is open to US continental residents only.  One copy available.}

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