My Non Dry Erase Board for Homeschool Use

by GfG on October 16, 2014 · 3 comments

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Whiteboards really come in handy when homeschooling as well as for family notes and communication, but I just don’t like how they look.  I rarely have white on my walls on in the decor, so it clashes to me.  I know, petty.  I also don’t have as much wall space as I did.

Still, when we are reading history I often want to post some facts to help the kids remember them.  While feeling this urge a few weeks ago, I looked up and saw blank dry erase boards beckoning for writing.

Enter… my windows and two empty photo frames.

Dry Erase Frames WEB

The frames had been waiting for child art to fill them, but not anymore.  The windows… well, they are always there.

I love using these for our dry erase boards now.  The windows don’t work as well as the frames, but when the frames are full, I go to the windows.

Dry Erase Frame Writing WEB

An easy answer to a need in our homeschool.

Pretty and practical.  That sums up how I like things in my home.

Do you have some empty frames you could use in this way?  If they aren’t see through, like mine, maybe a big piece of light colored paper that coordinates to your room would work.   I could see using an even bigger frame like this for more writing space.  Maybe when I don’t need my school room wall space for All About Spelling, I’ll do that.

Dry erase boards without being dry erase boards.  Yippee!

Do you use dry erase boards in your homeschool or with your family for other tasks?



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