Last Day to Buy Our Autism & Adoption Shirt!

by GfG on October 10, 2014

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As part of our adoption fundraising we are also raising autism awareness.  With 1 in 68 (or 1 in 50, depending on the source), most people will now be affected by autism in some way. It’s our heart that people LOVE those with autism just as they love those without. Since Paul runs a camp for kiddos on the spectrum, autism awareness is near and dear to our hearts.

So… a friend and I designed this shirt!

Shirts Pin IMAGE

LOVE (with the puzzle piece representing autism awareness): it makes the world go round

Today is the last day you can buy the one of a kind design and shirt.  {click here to buy}

It comes in heathered navy in a super soft adult tee.  My eldest son Noah says, “C’mon now, be awesome like me and buy one of these shirts!”

Noah shirt WEB

And it also is available on navy in long sleeved t-shirt material.  {How cute are we?  Sisters in Christ, KBC membes, and both deaf ed teachers!}

Me and Lindsay shirts WEB

in navy for kids  {Paul Louis is sporting a child’s L here… which is too big for him, but his was in the wash, imagine that.  He wears a youth S at age 6}

PL shirt WEB

And in navy for a sweatshirt.  {Doesn’t my friend Autum look adorbs in this? I want one!  Sweatshirt, not an Autumn. Well, now that I think about it, I want an Autumn too.}

{Ok…. Autumn is still asleep and hasn’t responded to my urgent text about a photo of her in the sweatshirt that was on my old phone.  The gall of her.  As soon as she complies, I will post the cutie  patootie photo of her in it.}

All of the shirt have the awesome, one of a kind, limited edition design!


Shirt Collage PIN WEB 2

Spread the LOVE!

Click here to buy a shirt here!

So… please share the link and shop the shirts!

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