Jesus Daily Devotional {review & giveaway!}

by GfG on October 14, 2014 · 11 comments

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Social media has changed the way we interact and even the way we express our faith.  Jesus Daily: 365 Interactive Devotions makes the most of this truth.  I have read this new devotional book and was suprised by liking it.  And I have a copy and t-shirt to give away!

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Dr. Aaron Tabor started the Jesus Daily page on Facebook in 2009 and it has reached millions of people  His simple desire to do something for Christ by expressing his faith every day has done that and more.

This little book is simple, but at the same time it challenges the reader to not just read a daily devotional and then move along. Dr. Tabor’s goal is to point Believers toward real action that no only shares Truth, but puts it into action.   Most of the “Daily Interactions” are social media involved, but not all of them.  While this may sound trite, I actually believe this little book can help people step outside of their bubble and do loving, encouraing, equipping, kind, and generous things for those around them.

That is no little thing.

Each day a verse is shared, a short thought and expression of that thought, and then a challenge that ties to the topic.

For example, here is today’s devotional:

Oct 14 Jesus Daily


Can you see the beauty in a simple call to live out the faith and walk in truth?  In interacting with others?  In being active?

This devotional is not deep or difficult.  It is not intended to be.  There is a time and a place for devotions that are deep and difficult (I’m a big fan of Spurgeon).  There is also a time for devotionals that are solid theologically, but call us to basic principles and expressions.

Some days are simply light thoughts of living for Christ  others are deeper  all call the reader to some kind of action

Jesus Daily: 365 Interactive Devotions is that.

I think this devotional would be a terrific breakfast devo for families, especially those who have teens or college aged members and are active in social media.  Great discussion and super ways of taking small actions every day would be fabulous to share with one another.

I was concerned that I might not be impressed with the theology and even more concerned that it wouldn’t be solid, but it is.  Sure, there were a couple of little lines that I disagreed with, but in general, I was happy with the theology.

*** ETA: I am only halfway through the devotional. I will update as soon as I finish.

And that’s saying something nowadays for a book written by an unknown Christian author and at the same time written by a mega popular Facebook page creator.  What a funny combination.

While the Christan cyberspace is filled with false teachers, fluff writers, and freaky mystics, I was happy to read a devotional that encourages the basic truths of the faith while at the same time sharing again and again the profound doctrines of grace, salvation, devotion, sovereignty, and mercy, staying clear of mysticism or emotionalism.

This devotional is definitey milk, but there are seasons in lives where milk is what is needed.  We should strive for meat, definitely, but remember that it starts with milk.

I am happy to be hosting a giveaway!  Not only can you win a copy of the devotional blook, but you can also win a t-shirt!

Jesus Daily tee

Easy entries via Rafflecopter!

If you are looking for a short, sweet, sincere, and interactive devotional book for yourself, your teens, or your friends who are struggling with figuring out ways to express their faith, I think Jesus Daily: 365 Interactive Devotions would fit the bill.

I’m not saying this devotional can and should replace Bible study.  That is not the intention of devotionals.  They are meant to be short times of reflection.  This one takes it a bit farther by providing a way of expression too.

This book coupled with a solid Bible study would equip a Christian to walk in their faith by sharing and studying Truth.

Win a copy for yourself! Or a small t-shirt!  Or a medium t-shirt!

Jesus Daily giveaway PIN

Have you heard of Jesus Daily? 

{giveaway open to US Continental residents only…. this review is my own opinion, fully… the book and tees were provided free, but for an honest review}

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