I’ve Joined the Disciplers Team: Kids and Littles Bible Studies Writer! {free studies for families!}

by GfG on October 6, 2014 · 1 comment

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Have you considered a family Bible study?  Would you like everyone to study the same verses each day, but have questions geared towards their level?  Would you like them to be free?

Enter…. Discipler Bible Studies!  I shared about Disciplers awhile back because I was so happy to find solid, family friendly, free studies on books of the Bible (the best place to learn about the Bible).

Well, today I share some exciting and honoring news with you all: I have joined the Disciplers team as the co-writer for the Littles and Kids Studies!

The great news is that Disciplers is even more family friendly now because the studies will start being accessible for every speaker in your family.  James has already been posted.  We are working on the Judges & Ruth study as well as the Malachi and Luke lessons.  Isn’t that exciting that you can soon download so many lessons for your entire family?

I am honored to be on this team because these women love the Lord and desire go serve Him with their gifts.  I appreciate the humility, diligence, and goals of the Disciplers team.

Discplers IMAGE

Ways you can use Disciplers studies:

  • small group study in your home with other women
  • family study together as a part of your family worship and study
  • youth studies for youth group at church or in your home
  • family studies with friend families, meeting together to discuss the study
  • Bible study with your children’s friends

I am blessed by the team’s desire to produce quality studies for free.

It’s all about glorifying the Lord and spreading His Word!

Which study would you like for Littles and Kids next? 


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