Fun Family Fireside Recommendation {aka Listen to This Radio Show!}

by GfG on August 25, 2014

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Ok, you don’t really have to be fireside to enjoy this recommendation. And though it’s a radio show, you won’t be listening on the radio.  But… well… I like the image the title conveyed.

Today, I’d like to share a recommendation on a radio show you can listen to with your older children.  While it isn’t over the top or even all that crazy inappopriate for young children, there are few episodes and dialogues that aren’t suitable for young ones.

Just as there is a time and a place for watching movies with just your older kids, so it is with this recommendation.

It’s hilarious.

It’s different.

It’s entertaining.

I suggest  you listen to a show called Cabin Pressure together.  Or if you’re going on a long road trip, it could be for you.

cabin pressure big

There are 25 episodes and they are good (mostly) clean fun.  I laugh and laugh. Truly.

There is only one line I can remember that is inappopriate, but there is a bit of British cussing and some American too.  Not much.

The character development, the cuteness, the games, the situations.  All well done.  Very well done.

You can buy the entire series used on Amazon (hence my links), from iTunes, or buy it straight from the BBC Radio.  You could buy one episode to give it a try first.

Ok, as I wrote this up, I found Cabin Pressure on iTunes and could play it free.  It looks like six episodes are free!! So.. now you really need to listen.  Start with Abu Dhabi and work your way through the free ones and then on to Yverdson-Les-Baines (the episodes have titles based on locations and they are A-Y… Z is coming soon!).  I don’t know how long that option will work on iTunes.

Honestly, your time would be much more well spent listening to an episode (or two because I can rarely only listen to one) of these rather than watching a tv show or watching a rerun movie.

Did I mention Benedict Cumberbatch is in it?  Well, now I do, just in case you were thinking of ignoring my recommendation.

Have you heard of Cabin Pressure

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