Books I LOVE Reading with My Kids {Back to the Books Event 2014}

by GfG on August 14, 2014 · 4 comments

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Read aloud is pretty much my favorite homeschooling activity.  You may have noticed that, if you’ve been here awhile.  Since I have talked about it being amazing family time, opportunities for deep spiritual discussions, a way to boost language, and more.

Yup, I love reading aloud with and to my children.

When it comes to read alouds, I definitely have favorites.  Books that I simply adore.  You know, the ones I will make sure every Brouse kid experiences and I’d be tempted to grab if there was a fire.

I shared about my very, very favorite here, when Luke of Sonlight (hi, Luke!) made me choose just one.  We are reading it this year, wahoo!!!

Since I couldn’t choose just one when Luke requested it, I shared the Other Twelve I Love (12 books I’m grateful Sonlight put in their curriculum) that are on my top list.  You should read these books.  For sure. I’m serious.  Buy them now.

So, this week I asked you to share about books that you love reading with your children as part of the Back to the Books Event. I was going to share about I, Juan de Pareja, but since that one is in the previous blog postss, I decided to pick another one we’ll be reading this year.

It was not easy.

So, I didn’t pick one.  I chose a few.  Clearly, I have issues making decisions.  I think.

I am sooo looking forward to reading these books with my children (I will tell you that Catherine Called Birdy is read aloud and edited slightly for my younger children) or having them read these books  independently because they are like beloved friends.  I am introducing my children to characters that are special to me.  Those who have left their mark.

These books meet that category.

Books I love

There are also some specific books I am looking forward to reading with the kids this year that I have not previously read.  So, I thought I’d show you those too.

books new this year

All four of these books are assigned to children, not read alouds, so I will read them on my own.  The kiddos and I can talk about them and share the love, even if we don’t read them aloud together.

Just so you know, there are others I am excited about reading, but… well… I had to narrow it down.  Sigh. It’s hard to leave books out.  I feel like I didn’t choose someone for my kickball team, even though I really like them.

Yes, I love books.

I really, really love good books.

I am so grateful that we homeschool, so we can read as many as possible.

What book(s) are you looking forward to reading with your kiddos this year? 


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