Initial Outfitters Party! {adoption fundraiser}

by GfG on June 20, 2014

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Initial Outfitter Fundraiser WEB

I am currently having an adoption fundraising party via Initial Outfitters.  This means you can shop for lovely items for yourself, your children, your friends, and your family and we recieve 25% of the retail sales!  My sweet Amanda is the Initial Outfitters consultant.

I am trying to ignore that Amanda was four when I started living with her and now she is a mama.

I was a college student finishing up my degree in education for the deaf.  Her mom was too and we had both moved to Little Rock, Arkansas to do so.  We didn’t know a single other person in the state.  So, Jennie (Amanda’s mom) asked if I would live with her and her two young daughters.  I jumped at the chance.

I had a fantastic two years living with these jewels.  Anyway…  Amanda is now a mama to two herself.  All grown up. Teacher for the deaf (Amanda happens to be deaf also), Jesus lover, mama, and wife.  And Initial Outfitters consultant.

When she found out we were raising our adoption fee funds, she asked if she could have a party for me and donate ALL of her commission.  Can you believe?

Initial Outfitters Items WEB

So…. readers, it’s never too early to shop for Christmas, birthdays, or any other gift giving occasion.  Initial Outfitters has beautiful items for the home (wall decor, ornaments, drink wear, and more) , for wearing  (tons of jewelry scarves, hats, etc) , for using (bags, towels, key chains, mouse pads, etc).

You can shop from now until the 30th.  The party closes at the end of that day.

How about shopping? You could score some great items and we could add to our adoption fund. 

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