The Gift of Paul Louis’ Birth (aka: The Gift of God’s Timing)

by GfG on May 1, 2014 · 3 comments

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I have shared in the past about Paul Louis’ “surprise” to us story, but not to God.  I love remembering his story and today I want to share another aspect of it.

When I realized I was pregnant with Paul Louis, things were pretty rough in our lives.  My mom had a terminal illness, our camp had shut down, the new one was in upheaval, and Paul’s job was getting a major salary cut.  From an earthly point of view, it very much looked like a bad time to add a baby to our family.

While the words from my friend resonated in my heart, “Your love language is gifts.  God is giving you one of your favorite gifts at a time when you most need to know He loves you.”  Those words didn’t always resonate with other family members, friends, or even church members.

When Mom died two months from Paul Louis’s due date, it sure didn’t look like a good time for a baby.

When we had to move off camp and start figuring out our own housing payments, it sure didn’t look like a good time for a baby.

When we had to start at new job in a much lower position, it sure didn’t look like a good time for a baby.

But… well… I tell you that the surprise of this sweet boy changed our family and Papalou.  He brought us joy and a different focus for our hearts as we grieved losing Mom.  As we grieved leaving our “home” of fifteen years.  As we had to change perspective.

He cheered the entire family with every smile and milestone.  His first year of life corresponded with our first year of grief, which is the most difficult.   I couldn’t wallow while watching our sweet boy grow, grin, and giggle.

Papalou couldn’t wither while watching his sweet namesake coo, cuddle, and cavort.

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The gift of his life brought us the gift of a lighter grief.

He provided the same focus and joy as we left our beloved Ranch when he was only five months old and we had to transition to a new plan, which was like another loss for us.

I clearly remember snuggling his precious baby self to feel a bit of joy during difficult times.  And I remember watching Papalou do the same. And each of the kids.  I remember observing Paul carry his newest son around in laughter during incredibly rough days.

While I don’t know what God has for Paul Louis’ entire life, I do see a purpose for his birth and early childhood.  And I am beyond grateful that God knows better than man, or Mindy and Paul, and that His timing, purpose, and plans are higher than ours.

My little boy came at just the right time.  And I want to remember that when struggling with the timing of other things in my life.  And I want to encourage you to trust God’s timing in your life.

I didn’t know that my mom would die so soon.  I didn’t know that she wouldn’t get to meet my youngest son.  I didn’t know that I was going to need a little bundle of joy because the next year of my life was going to be so incredibly painful.

I didn’t know any of that.

God did.

And He sent me and my entire family a gift to cheer us.  Daily.


I am beyond grateful for Paul Louis for so many reasons and I am grateful for the timing of his birth.

You can trust God’s timing because God is 100% trustworthy, 100% of the time.  Trust the timing because you trust God.

Are you struggling with some timing issues? 


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