More Than Fine, It’s a Fit

by GfG on May 14, 2014

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Paul makes me laugh.

Sometimes I have to be sure I’ve used the restroom recently when he does hilarious things.  Sometimes he makes me roll my eyes.  Sometimes I just sigh.

My husband is a camp director and he has an odd sense of humor.  Just ask my kiddos. Or anyone who has ever worked for or with him.

I have tons of fabulous memories of how he and co-workers interact.  So stinkin funny.

When we moved here, I prayed that the LORD would bring him a friend.  Someone he really connected with and could hang out with naturally.  Odd sense of humor and all.

God brought Frank just five days post Texas.  Well… it took a bit longer than that to start hanging out, but not much.

Then, we joined the church where Frank is the pastor.  Then, Paul was hired as the Children’s Ministry Director.

The position was such a great fit for my hubby.  For soooo many reasons.

There are only three people on staff: Frank (the pastor), Elizabeth (the secretary), and Paul.

I hoped they would get along well in the work environment.

When I walked in and saw this on Paul’s white board in his office, I knew things were just fine.  More than fine.  They were a fit.

Paul's Goals WEB

I especially like #10 and #12.

Frank and Elizabeth created this list for Paul and I just about died reading it.  They were so innocently smiling one day when I dropped by to leave someone for my hubby.

“Oh, we’re so impressed with Paul’s to do list.”

“He’s quite the over achiever and thoughtful guy.”

Yes, yes he is.

I’m so grateful God answered my prayer.

It makes me grin. 


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