Baby Shower Ideas for Large Families

by GfG on May 29, 2014 · 5 comments

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I love celebrations.  All kinds.  I admit I’m extremely partial to baby celebrations.

It used to be unacceptable to have baby showers past the first child.  It’s not unacceptable anymore and I’m really glad.

Let me tell you why.  {big surprise there since it’s my blog and all, yes?}

Every child deserves to be celebrated.  Every family is blessed by others celebrating with them.  Every growing family could use gifts.

Sometimes, the parents already have all the baby items they need or want.  Other times, though, items are simply worn out and could use replacement.

A typical baby shower may not be what a large family needs.  It’s accurate that more little baby items may clutter up a home that already has plenty of that.

But… why be typical when the family isn’t?

6 Baby Shower Ideas PIN img

Here are some ideas for celebrating a growing large family:

A gift card shower.  Ask the mother where she spends the bulk of her weekly shopping.  Helping a family with the costs of the clothes, food, or fun for the older kiddos is a real blessing to a mama who already has all the baby things she needs, but none of the teenager ones.

Gift Card Places WEB

A meal shower.  If the family has a deep freezer, the mom could really be blessed by not only hot meals delivered for a month or so, but by frozen meals she can store for evenings she needs them.  I just love how friends bring meals to families after the baby is born.  It is a real rubber meets road kind of gift.

Extending this gift by supplying meals for when the meal calendar ends and the mom could still use a no prep meal is a huge gift.

A replacement shower.  Finding out what items are worn or damaged and then collecting money for those items is a great way to help.  High chairs, strollers, car seats, baby carriers, and even cribs are big money items that either expire (for safety reasons) or wear out incredibly quickly.  It’s also always fun to be able to enjoy the newest style and make of baby things.

baby items WEB

A portrait shower.  This is a little unusual, but oftentimes, large families can’t afford really nice professional family portraits.  They’d love one, but it’s not in the budget.  Why not take up a collection for those who would like to give a gift and give the family a gift certificate to a professional photographer.  Be sure to ask around (aka: ask the young moms) for a really good one, so she doesn’t end up with something equal to a Walmart photographer.  Just not the same quality.

This gift really only helps if you can give enough to cover the sitting fee and  a nice sized print.  The mama may be stuck with a gift certificate she can never use it if doesn’t cover these items.

One of the best gifts I was ever ever given was a photo shoot and discount prints.

family-photo-Jasmine-21 WEB

A curriculum shower.  If the large family is a homeschooling family, then a fantastic way to bless and recognize that growing families often are most expensive on the older kiddo side of life is by giving them a gift certificate for homeschooling.  If you know their preferred curriculum company, you can buy one straight from the company.  Often, a little sleuthing can find this out quickly.

If they change curriculum often, you can go with Amazon or Rainbow Resource since these two companies often offer tons of homeschooling materials.

You could piece meal a curriculum gift too.  For example, if you find out they will need the next level of Teaching Textbooks, some books, and they are maybe waffling on other supplies, then buy a Teaching Textbooks gift certificate, an Amazon one, and then give them the cash in a card with a note about wanting to help with homeschool materials.

A blessing/prayer shower.  You can do this idea in addition to all of the others and it costs next to nothing.   Each of the guests/invitees can write out a blessing for the baby, parents, family.

I fell in love with this idea when a lady in our home church died months after Hannah Beth was born.  She had very little money, so her gift to us was a hand written prayer given in a letter.  I kept it, though I barely knew this woman.  It’s in HB’s baby book.

I have collected notes, prayers, or blessings for friends’ big birthdays and… well… who isn’t blessed by that kind of gift?

Giving the mom a binder or notebook where she can store all of the notes of blessing is a great way to make the gift look official.  And if she has a large family, odds are the baby books are unkempt.

All of these ideas could bless a family by celebrating with them and meeting some needs and wants in beautiful ways.

Celebrating an addition to a family by giving gifts allows the family to feel supported, encouraged, and loved.  Choose whichever way best suits that particular family.

How have you seen large family baby showers bless? 


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Diane May 29, 2014 at 12:57 pm

Diapers are also a wonderful way to bless any family when a new baby comes. (We have 13 blessings here and I love diapers when a new baby comes.)


GfG May 29, 2014 at 1:09 pm

How could I forget that Diane?! We had a shower with our second and isn’t have to buy diapers for eight months!

Yes, checking with the mom about a diaper shower is great . Checking is important because some lots of use cloth and a bunch of disposable diapers would be a bad match.

Buying cloth diapers for cloth mamas is a real blessing as much as it is for moms who use disposable.


Liz June 6, 2014 at 6:31 pm

these are some wonderful ideas. im having my second baby soon and I would dearly love to have a replacement shower. the diaper shower idea is also great.


Linda@MosaicGlobe July 7, 2014 at 6:21 am

that diaper shower idea is new to me.. i am getting more excited to apply it on my coming one now 😀 thanks for sharing


Beverly J. Jefferson October 1, 2014 at 8:55 am

Awesome! Thanks for this. I have now an idea on what to do for my upcoming baby shower.


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