Multi-Age Bible Studies for Kids & Families

by GfG on February 19, 2014 · 3 comments

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A reader (hi, Tiffany!) asked a great question yesterday, so I thought we’d chat about it here:

What is appropriate for a five year old to know about the bible?  I think that he’s old enough to be taught some of the principles, and not just stories, and “do not lie” type of stuff, but the WHY of Bible study.

See?  Super question.

I believe five year olds are old enough to start learning the WHYs of the Bible as well as the important historical stories and people.

I love having my children study the Bible, not just learn events or people.  It’s one of the reasons we enrolled in Bible Study Fellowship again (our rental here was just too far away for the kiddos to get to bed at a decent time, but our new home cuts the drive in more than half) and why we completed four years as a family.

I am partial to studies that can be used for the entire family or at least modified in just little ways for more than one age as well as those who study books of the Bible.

Multi Age Bible Studies WEB

I have a few Bible studies to recommend for children that teach events and important people, but also really focus on important doctrine and concepts.


Bible Study Fellowship   (PreK- adult)

  • It’s free.
  • Each lesson is age appropriate.
  • Set up to be done six days of the week with 2-4 questions a day for the kids.
  • Everyone in the family studies the same passages of Scripture.
  • Must enroll in a local group.  The parent can attend and print out the children’s lessons, I believe.
  • Meets weekly for two hours (daytime or evening classes).
  • Studies books of the Bible verse by verse and is a solid study.
  • The children’s programs are organized, intentional, and not fluff.
  • Middle school and high school kids learn homiletics as a part of the program.

Like I said, we have done four full years of BSF (Life of Moses, Isaiah, John, and Acts of the Apostles; now we are in Matthew) and I couldn’t like it more.  I have always heard how fab the kids’ program is and was grateful when my local class moved to evening so we could attend.  If you have heard negative things about BSF, give them another try because many of the “rules” that turned people off in the past have been cut (ex: nursing babies are welcome to attend class with the mama now!).

Joy of Living Logo

Joy of Living (PreK – adult) 

  • Affordable and some are free (at least one at each level).
  • Consumable studies, but if you buy the PDF file, you can reprint more copies.
  • Lessons are grouped by PreK, youth, and adult.
  • All children’s lessons are also done at the adult level.  I do not know if they match exactly in verses studied each day or not since I have not done them.
  • Download yourself or buy the paper versions which are mailed to you.
  • Studies books of the Bible.
  • These are solid studies that focus on applicable and important truth.

We have done several Joy of Living studies in our home and I really like them.  They also work wonderfully for small groups (which we have also done).


Discover 4 Yourself Inductive Bible Studies for Kids from Precept Ministries  (age 8- 12)

  • Approximately $9 a book on Amazon.
  • Consumable.
  • Lessons are fun and written to be engaging for kids, including puzzles, crossword puzzles, and more.
  • Can be done on their own or with a parent.
  • Intentional study that also includes training on how to study the Bible.
  • Solid teaching with important truth.
  • May be appropriate for younger children, depending on their reading level and ability to do book work.
  • Series includes many different topics, including how to study the Bible.
  • Precept Ministries also has adult studies and you could buy a study to correspond to the child’s study (in focus, but not in exact study).

We have two of these books scheduled as a part of BiblioPlan this year.  I am glad because I heard about them, but hadn’t tried them.  I like them a lot.

Discplers IMAGE

Disciplers Studies

  • Free
  • Adult, youth, kids, and littles studies (prek-adult)
  • Can be done independently
  • Includes notes and discussion points for youth and adult
  • Solid teaching
  • Easy to use
  • Books of the Bible

So… those are three tried and true studies I recommend for age appropriate, but in depth study of the Bible for children and families.

I am thrilled to add this group of lessons to my list (ETA  Aug 2014) because I really like them.  These are a lot like the Joy of Living studies and BSF, but do different books of the Bible and are for the entire family!  Yes, seriously.  Ages three to adult can do these studies.  The parent helps the preschoolers and the early readers, but the questions are geared for them.  Everyone can study the same verses every day, but answer according to their ability.  And they are free.

It really doesn’t get any better than that!

So…. there you go: four great resources!  Enjoy!

What Bible studies do you like for children?  Share in the comments!


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