Brotherly… Goofiness

by GfG on February 12, 2014 · 1 comment

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I remember how ridiculous it was getting Noah to smile for a photo and not be goofy.  I have lots and lots of photos of my firstborn son in his younger years, surrounded by smiling sisters… and him with some kind of unexplainable wonky expression.  He thrived on the goofiness.  He loved it.  He ate it up.

Then he had a little brother.  And the goofiness training started immediately.  And the goofiness in our house doubled.

This is what happens when I ask for just a smiling photo of my two sons.  The youngest was even sick, but couldn’t let his big brother out do him in the silliness.  Sigh.

“Hey, guys let me snap a quick photo of the two of you together since your older brother is coming in to check on you, spend time with you snuggling while you are sick, and tuck you in for the night!” (words in italics said silently because brothers just don’t want to hear such sap.

The Boys 1

“No, just smile.”

The Boys 2 WEB

“Seriously, just smile at the camera.”

The Boys 3

“Can’t you guys just hold still and both look right here while smiling?”

The Boys 5

“Oh, forget it. Good night, goofballs.”

Do your boys have the same condition?  all your kids? 

{Come back tomorrow for a big announcement!}

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