A New Journey for Us: Maybe Baby

by GfG on February 13, 2014 · 14 comments

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Today I have some pretty exciting news to share with y’all.

blog announcement

Our family is pursuing adoption!   Yes, we are possibly adding to the weirdos in our family, the wacky-ness, the wonderful stinky-ness.   Yes, we may have more in the Brouse House.

So… what does this mean?  It means that we have  our application ready to  submitted to a local adoption agency (ETA 2/24/14 we are #4 on the waiting list; ETA 4/8/12 we are #2 on the waiting list!  ETA 6/26 We are #1 on the waiting list!)  AND it means we are sharing that we would welcome a new baby into our family (which means word of mouth efforts).  That means that both the agency can help us and friends (or friends of friends) could too.

There are more steps involved after the initial application and we are praying for God to lead each step of the way.

How does it work?  Well, the agency will work with us on all kinds of levels as well as work with birth mothers.  The agency will show our family book (at a certain point) to birth mothers and we wait for one to choose our family for her baby.  That is the agency route.  

If a birth mother tells a friend of a friend that she is open to considering our family in an independent private adoption, then we will contact a lawyer that is experienced with adoptions in her area (and has recommendations).  We will send a family book to the lawyer and the birth mother can make her decision.

Do we have tons of money?  No, we don’t.  Yes, we are blessed to be able to support another child in our family, but no, we don’t have all of the money for the adoption fees related to an agency adoption.  I don’t understand fully why adoption fees are so high, they just are.

While many families can afford more children, it’s the rare family that has $20,000+ in cash to adopt.

How can you afford adoption?  We have lots of plans to pay for the adoption fees.  You can help!   One of them happens tomorrow (keep reading to see).  There is also a tax credit for adoption fees, so that could be lovely.

Part of the process of seeing how God leads in this is how the funds for the fees come.

We are committed to not going into debt for adoption.

Why have fundraisers?  Like I said, we can afford another child in our family, but we don’t have $25K cash.  That is about 22 times more than having a baby naturally for us as well as for most adoptive families.

We believe that there is no greater bang for a donation buck than helping provide a forever family for a baby, a person, an eternal being.  Many, many people like to help provide families for babies who need them, even if they can’t be that family.

Is it definite?  No, at any time during the process God could shut the door for us.  While my heart has waited five years to get to this point, it isn’t definite. The funds may not come for every level of fees.  A birth mother may not choose us.  And more.  It is a step of faith to turn in our application and have our home study done.  We will see what God has for us; we are waiting on Him.

Do you meet the birth mother?  Yes, if we are chosen by a birth mother and she wants to meet us, we will do that.

Do you want an open adoption?  We would want a semi-open adoption.

To say that I have a heart for women who face unwanted pregnancies is an understatement.  I have been in their shoes.  You know this, if you’ve been here for long.

I want to reach out to the woman who is willing to choose life for her child, even if not life with her child.   I am already praying for her.  Praying for her to have peace and joy in her life giving, sacrificial, selfless decision. Praying for her to be blessed as she blesses her child.  And our family.

It is why our route to adoption is for a domestic adoption.  My heart is for the women in my country who are bombarded with abortion propaganda and lies.  My heart is for the woman in America who chooses life.  And here, in New Mexico, I am passionate about being there for a mother who chooses life while living near Albuquerque, the late term abortion capital of the world.  Sigh.

I will love her forever.

And the baby she places in our family.  The baby my heart aches to hold, to watch grow, to see meshing with our family.  I love every bit of having a child.

In celebration and support of our family’s decision a precious, precious friend is hosting a fundraiser giveaway tomorrow!  Yes, seriously!

Next week I share some of our fundraising plans.  Come back to hear about them and join in on the fun!

boots in heart

Tomorrow…. check out All About Cloth Diapers for the spectacular way Autumn is blessing our Adoption Journey.

We ask that you pray for our family as we begin this journey that is often called a roller coaster ride.  Pray that we continue to trust the LORD as He leads.

So… pretty exciting, huh?

{thanks for the photos, Jasmine!}

Our current fundraising project: Our Adoption Art with YOUR Name!

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