Our Daughter’s Senior Internships Start Today!

by GfG on January 3, 2014 · 9 comments

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I can’t believe it, but it’s true: HB starts her senior internships today.  I shared in this post about homeschooling high school that there are some terrific outside the box opportunities for homeschooled students.  We are diving into a fantastic one: the atypical internship.

Hannah Beth will spend the next month in Texas.  She will have two internships this month with two fantastic women.

Women we admire, trust, and love.   Women who have part time or full time jobs in fields HB is interested in pursuing.   Women who can share a lot with our daughter.

me and Becky

Why is this a part of our daughter’s senior year?

There are two areas of focus for these internships: homemaking focusing on parenting & wife-ing and professional work outside the home.

We want our daughter to grow in life skills that we believe are Biblical while also cultivating the gifts and interests God has given her.  We want her to see that there are different ways to parent in a godly way.  We want her to see the different ways strong marriages operate.  We want her to get as many glimpses of parenting and husband honoring as possible.  We don’t want her to think that the only way to do it is the way her parents do it.

We also want her to get tastes of the fields she is interested in pursuing.  Hannah Beth is interested in fields that require a college degree, so college is a part of her plans.  We have seen young people spend years in college for a job they thought they really wanted only to find out that when they started doing the actual work, they hated it.  We don’t want that for our children.  So, some field experience early on could help them learn how interested they really are.

We want her to enter college (or her field) with as much information as possible to help her make decisions.

We don’t think there is a better way to really glean info about a field than from someone our daughter knows and trusts guiding her.  HB can talk openly to the women she will be working with, asking questions and more (same thing for mothering and wife-ing knowledge).

We do not believe college is for everyone, so future internships for other children may involve field work that is not college connected.  We will see.

I no longer believe that the only way for daughters to spend their time after graduation of high school is at home working for their fathers.  Yes, I think it is an option and God honoring. I just don’t think it’s the only God honoring and Biblical option.

Our daughters may not marry.  They may not have children.  They may have talents that can’t be cultivated at home.

I believe God has given them interests and gifts that can be used for His glory, both in and outside the home.

We believe that balance is the key: encouraging  our daughters to believe that being a homemaker, mother, and wife are fulfilling callings while also encouraging them to use the gifts God gives them in case He doesn’t call them to homemaking, mothering, or wife-ing.

We want them to see that laying down a job outside the home for  one inside it is beautiful and Biblical.

After a long hard struggle against black & white or extreme-ism, I’m finding that balance is pretty stinkin’ Biblical.

How will these internships work? 

Hannah Beth will live with the women (which also means their families) for two weeks.  She will be a personal assistant to our friends, helping in any way they need and want at home. She will shadow these women at their  jobs.

In addition to the month of January with two internships, she will also have another two week internship here in NM in February and then will spend another month in Texas in May for two more internships.

Why live with the women?

We believe that immersion is the best way to learn.  We want her to see as much of real life as possible, not dog and pony shows.  We believe living with the families is the best way to immerse her.  We also want to allow time for discipleship and down time for personal relationship growth.  Living with someone allows that in beautiful ways.

Jen Apel and HB WEB

Why two weeks?

Less than that and it’s possible to not really experience the family’s real gig (most people can fake it for more than a few days).  More than that and it becomes a burden for the host family.

Will the women be compensated?

Not financially, but in assistance.  HB will babysit, help around the home, and more.  As a thank you for these women sowing into our daughter (as well as housing/feeding her), she will help and bless them in ways that they need.   She will have spending money from us as well as money for unexpected expenses.

What are the sponsor’s responsibilities?

The women will involve HB in as many aspects of their day as possible.  Planning as well as implementing all they do.  They will dialogue with HB and give her opportunities to lead in ways at both at home and at the work place.  They will correct and train.  Guide and direct.  Disciple and bless.

They will have the evaluation form that is due at the end of the internship so that they know what we expect.  This form will be discussed with HB before sending it to me.

We sent a letter to these women months ago, explaining our goals and reasons.

Internship Request Letter

So, is she pretty much a slave for two weeks straight?

No.  She and the sponsor will decide her hours.  These will depend on the work place hours as well as the family’s schedule.  While we want her to be immersed, we also want her to have a bit of private time.  Our guidelines are for HB to have two days a week  “off”.  Which days those are, they can decide.  She also gets sleep hours as “off”, so it’s not real mom hours.    😉

Seriously, the sponsors are loving women who will want to bless HB, not take advantage of her.  We chose wisely who we asked.  She will be far from a slave.

Will HB get school credit? 

Yes, she will earn one credit for all of these internships combined.   The hours of work are more than enough for a credit.  She will write a paper summarizing her experience for each internship and she will be evaluated by each sponsor (as mentioned above).

Here is the internship evaluation form we will be using.

Morning Star Academy Internship Evaluation Form

So, what will HB’s internship be this semester?

She will have two physical therapy internships, one speech language pathology internship, one pediatrician internship, and one graphic designer internship.  Each of these double as beautiful mothering and wife-ing internships and two of them will also triple as homeschooling mama internships.

I am more than a bit grateful to Becky, Brooke, Edie, Laura, and Jen for their willingness to participate in these.

I am incredibly excited for our daughter.  I really do love these women and trust them tremendously (clearly, or I wouldn’t be sending my daughter to live with them).  I believe she will gain life long wisdom, knowledge, memories, and Titus 2 relationships.  I pray God speaks to her heart, mind, and future.

I am going to have a good crying jag when she leaves today because she has not been gone for more than two weeks. Ever.  I will miss her.  I will have some growing pains.

Growing up is difficult on mamas too and I’m not exempt.

Still… I hope these internship bless her socks off and in turn the families for which she interns.

It’s a mighty big day for our daughter, our family, and our homeschool.

To God be the glory as our firstborn start her first internships!

What kind of internship do you wish you had had as a young person? 


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