Even if You are Not a Fan of Unregulated Homeschooling…

by GfG on January 6, 2014 · 1 comment

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… can you also not be a fan of disregarding the law?  In Texas, a family is being mistreated, persecuted, and treated illegally by a judge, by the court system, and by CPS (Child Protective Services).

Children were taken out of their parents’ care, out of their home, and out of any kind of legal boundaries.  Why?  Not abuse.  None has been claimed or even close to documented.  Not neglect.  Nope.

Dislike of the home and dislike of the educational setting.  Yes, that’s is the “crime”.  Basically, a CPS worker doesn’t like the situation and neither does a judge.  That’s it.

No, I’m not making this up.  Read it yourself.

Tutt Family in Texas


I have met many people who strongly dislike homeschooling being unregulated.  People who are fans of civil rights, of individual rights, of independence.  Except when it comes to homeschooling.

Despite the fact that districts don’t agree on what subjects should be taught, much less states, much less an entire country.

Despite the fact that regulation of homeschooling has no research to back up better end results.

Despite the fact that the children don’t belong to the government.

When people try to tell me that homeschooling should be regulated, I tell them that makes no sense to me.  I am the parent.  I should not have to answer to the government on what I teach my children, how I teach it, and what curriculum I use.

They try to say, “Of course.  I just mean that there should be testing.”

Oh.  Testing.  That’s all.

Ask any teacher in the public school system about testing and then they’ll tell you quite a bit, I bet.   And I wager most of it isn’t great.

The teachers teach to the test.  It’s plain and simple.  The curriculum department decides what to buy based on what tests have to be taken.

That’s what it comes down to: the testing dictates the material.

That’s really a no brainer.

Except, I don’t want my homeschool to be centered around the government’s test.  Whether that is the local, state, or national government.

Sure, if my children decide that college is a part of their plan, they’ll have to take the required tests.  I won’t deny that our high school choices cater to that a bit.  But not wholly.

And I certainly don’t want my child’s entire academic plan from kinder to graduation to be catered to the government.  No way.

Regulation doesn’t bring freedom.

So, if you really think homeschooling should be regulated, why?  Who should get to regulate it?  The local school district that actually has to follow the state government?  Which follows the national government?   

Opinions on education change all.the.time.  Seriously.  Methods, philosophies, and more come and go.  The fads change.    Ask teachers, principals and curriculum purchasers in public school and they can tell you.

I understand people don’t want children left unable to read, write well, do basic math, or find jobs.

Oh, wait.  That happens, even with compulsory education provided by the government.  Even with public school as the choice for almost every family in America, more than the majority.

Does that given anyone the right to put their opinion above law?  No, it shouldn’t.  But it’s happening in Texas.

And even if you aren’t a fan of unregulated homeschooling, this story should scare you out of your socks.  Why?  Who is to say what “issue” a CPS worker… or a judge… might take issue with next and ignore the law?  What freedom could be trampled?  What rights could be disregarded?

This family does more than most in caring for our country’s children in need, not just their own biological children.  This family has taken more parenting classes than many families.  This family has done nothing wrong to deserve the removal of their children.

I can not fathom their nightmare.

Even if you aren’t a fan of unregulated homeschooling, take a stand of this family!  They have not broken the law, the spirit of the law, or any regulation of any kind.

They just are disliked.

And that shouldn’t give a CPS worker or a judge any kind of authority.

Yes, this story scares me.  It frightens me that the law can so blatantly be ignored, children forcibly removed, parents lied to, and more…. on American soil.  With an American judge signing these papers.

It should scare every American.   It should tick off every American.

Please sign the petition.

{eta: I know that it doesn’t seem believable and that surely the family has done something wrong, but the behavior of CPS, the failure to cite any abuse, and the courtroom behavior all clearly point to the simple truth of not liking unregulated homeschooling.  Read the comments for even more details.  And be outraged.}

Please speak up, before the next issue a judge dislikes is something personal to you!

Update 1:  Tim Lambert’s letter

Update 2 (unofficial): Article from Christian News


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