Snowed in for the First Time!

by GfG on November 25, 2013 · 2 comments

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Though we have lived on the high plain of New Mexico’s East Mountain area for a year and a half now, we have never been snowed in.  Until yesterday.  Last winter was mild (aka: bad for the land because it meant much less moisture).  It was a breaking in winter for me.

This year, no holds barred for me.  I’m perfectly ok with that now.  I’ve learned how to use the wood stove.  I have an amazing coat.  I have warm boots.  I have friends that can help me, if necessary.

So… even though winter is over a month away, yesterday we received over ten inches of snow.


It was beautiful.

view WEB

It was memorable.

silly boys WEB

It was also still a little jolting for me.

Phoebe waist high WEB

At one point, as I was photographing the kids while standing in snow almost to my knees and Paul was shoveling out the driveway without it even being discernible, I just started laughing.  I grinned at him and said, “It’s still a bit surreal, isn’t it?  We aren’t on a trip.  This is our home. This is where we live.  Here… with almost a foot of snow in November!”

When the alarm went off at seven, I could tell our typical Sunday plans were amiss.  One look out the backdoor and I knew we weren’t going anywhere.  For a day.  Or more.

We measured the snow on our back table immediately.  I had photographed the ruler in the snow from Saturday before I went to bed since predictions were high for during the night.  They proved true.

Everyone (minus HB who was still asleep) was shocked and awed.  Seriously.  And maybe a bit giddy. We simply have not seen that much snow in such a short time show up at our shack.  We stared at this table for quite awhile.


It didn’t take long for the snow clothes to start flying.

The kids were out in the fluff before eight am.   They were in and out the entire day.  Stopping only for home church with hot chocolate, hot cocoa with our neighbors, and heating up their wet attire.  Yes, that was hot chocolate twice.  Clearly, I rock.

ruler in snow WEB

It truly was precious to watch.  It being the entire day of activity for my children.

Traipsing, exploring, hiking, snowboarding, piling, tunneling, and more.  They worked together and spent time alone enjoying the experience of that much snow for the first time at our house.

We even made our first snow fort/tunnel/cave.  And by we, I mean the children and Paul.  I snapped photos and ducked inside the house to love on my wood stove.

tunnel WEB

Being snowed in wouldn’t seem that different from just a snow day, but there really is something about knowing you can’t leave.

You are stuck.  In our case, in a really great way.  And well… it truly fosters feelings of fellowship and fondness for not having to be anywhere or do anything.

I don’t know if it will be wonderful every time we are snowed into our home, but yesterday was pretty fantastic.

And I’m grateful.

Yup, grateful to have been snowed in!  {I probably am today too… I might not be as grateful since we have an inspection appointment on the house we are buying!}


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