My Annual Reminder to You for Fun & Meaningful Thanksgiving Family Memories

by GfG on November 18, 2013 · 2 comments

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Alrighty… it’s that time of year: Thanksgiving!  I love Thanksgiving.  It’s different for me now without extended family, I admit, but I still love it and am adjusting to celebrating it differently.

It really helps that a dear friend from Kerrville (Hi, Jen!) comes to see her parents every Thanksgiving and those fabulous parents have extended a lifetime invitation to the Thanksgiving Day gathering.  Yup, seriously.  Pretty stinkin’ great.

A traditional aspect of our Thanksgiving is reading from a specific wonderful book every night the week up to Thanksgiving Day.

I’ve shared about it many times here, yet I often forget to share early enough for you to order the book.  This year, I’m remembering early.  Yea, me!


Do you want build lasting family memories?

Do you want to enhance the meaning of Thanksgiving?

Do you want to spend some time being silly together?

Do you want to teach your children more of God’s sovereignty in history?

Then… buy Thanksgiving: A Time to Remember and read a chapter a night before Thanksgiving Day!

thanksgiving a time to remember

For new readers, know that Barbara Rainey wrote this with the intention of it being a family read aloud.  It has sections for younger children and sections for older children, so you can decide how much to read without losing the flow of the story.

We act out each section every night after we finish reading.   It’s hilarious.  Seriously.

I promise you will be blessed by the time you spend as a family reading this book.

Plus, you can call each other puke stockings with history to justify it.         😉

How do you teach the true story of Thanksgiving? 

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