Easy Raw Vegan Natural GF Chocolate Tarts

by GfG on November 11, 2013 · 3 comments

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Yup.  They are amazing.  And healthy.  Pretty  much perfection.


I did not come up with this recipe, nor the idea.  My dear friend, Autumn, allowed me a couple of her amazing Hail Merry Chocolate Tarts while I visited.  I fell in love.

With the chocolates.  Not Autumn.        😉

We looked at the ingredient list and quickly decided that surely these could be duplicated.  Google search proved that others thought the same thing.

I found this recipe by Deliciously Organic.  While she doesn’t actually call out Hail Merry tarts in her post, I’m pretty confident those are the ones that sparked her attempt to homemade goodies with these ingredients.

Days after arriving home, I made these.  They are a pricier treat than I would normally make, but I just had to try them.   They will be special occasion goodies.

I followed the steps exactly and have some tips for you.  I didn’t follow the ingredients exactly- I didn’t use organic chocolate or maple syrup.  I’m cheap like that- but they were still amazing.

First: Make these.  You will love them.  Seriously.

mix WEB

Second: Use whatever little molds you have or find inexpensively.  I used these because I had them for making cake ball cupcakes and cake balls.  They are smaller than what she uses, so I got a lot more tarts, but smaller ones.

Third:  You do not have to use a food processor to make these.  I used bowls and then a hand mixer.  For the crust, I just used a firm scraper/spatula.  I made sure to mix the dough until smooth and all coconut oil was blended.  For the filling, I used a hand mixer.  Worked like a charm.

crust WEB

crusts… yummy by themselves… ask me how I know

Fourth: The filling is really sticky, so you will want to grease or wet your fingertip to push the filling into the tart crust.  I used a dab of coconut oil.

Fifth:  When I make these next, I will use my coconut oiled finger tip to smooth the tops of the tarts, just to make them a little nicer looking.

finished WEB

Most Importantly: Consider hoarding these for yourself and repenting later.  Keep a count in the fridge so you know if someone is stealing and they need to repent.     😉

tarts WEB

After you make these, come back to thank me.

Are you up for making some amazing chocolates? 

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