Make the Most of Your C-Section {Giveaway}

by GfG on September 30, 2013 · 4 comments

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I’m having a super time right now with my family at one of our favorite places.  Watching my six amazing children in one of their amazing places, I am so incredibly overwhelmed with gratefulness for them.  To celebrate my children who all arrived via c-section, I’d like to give away four copies of my eBook.  Yup, four copies… free!!

book 500

I am passionate about many things, but they all have a common theme: people.

One of the topics am passionate about is women having beautiful birth experiences.  I am passionate about this because I know how deeply those moments affect women and how long lasting they are.  Lifetime long.

It’s why I wrote my eBook and it’s why I want it in the hands of every pregnant women.  Yes, every.

If you aren’t familiar with how powerful the information and suggestions in this book are, let me introduce Tina.  Tina didn’t read my book until after already having c-sections.  Take it away, Tina!

I never would have thought I would have all of my children via c-section, but it happened. I was never thrilled about it, I made peace with the fact that this was the way it was going to be if I wanted any more children. In fact I was going to stop with my second blessing, but I didn’t couldn’t see myself stopping at two!

My first was emergency c-section he wouldn’t budge! I was fully dilated but he was not coming down! Then his heart rate started dropping and that’s enough to scare a first time mom! So emergency csection it was.

With my second I was so thrilled because I thought I was a good candidate for a VBAC, but according to my doctor my scar tissue was too thin. I went through a mourning process after they told me I wasn’t going to have a VBAC.

I felt like I was taking the easy way out by having c-sections. So I had my pair a boy and a girl! After 3 years I wanted another one and was okay with c-sections by then, emotionally.

I had my son and when he was 8 months… I was pregnant again!

I heard of Mindy’s book, Make the most of your C-Section: Prepare for a More Natural & Personalized Birth.  I quickly read it and talked to my doctor.  She was on board! Her practice had been doing family centered c-sections for about a year. So I was prepared.

I felt better prepared for this birth! I knew what to expect and I was excited to experience a family centered birth! That night I got about 3 hours of sleep! I was ready to meet baby! I went in about 5 in the morning. The prep work and everything was the same, the nurse was great at explaining what was going to happen afterwards.

So they took me in, I had forgotten the cd I didn’t have the music in the background but I’m a praying woman so I was praying when they inserted the spinal epidural, which is always the scary part for me. Then they brought my husband to me.

I was praying that I wouldn’t experience any nausea or vomiting and I didn’t with this one but did with all my others. At this point I have just one arm strapped down. The doctor informs me she’s almost ready and within a few seconds I feel tugging and they lower the curtain. I see my baby girl come out of me, it blew me away! She’s there I can actually see her! There’s no blue curtain to stare at and wondering what she looks like.

I got that first look just like everybody else. They cut the umbilical cord, made sure she was ok, but they never took her away. They immediately put her on my chest and unstrapped my left arm.

I can still remember the smell and the feel of her soft skin, covered in vernix. This amazed me because I had never experienced that! She was perfect! And I had her all to myself!

Tina G w baby WEB


They didn’t take her away she was with me! So I started nursing her and she immediately took to the breast, I never experienced this either! It was amazing. I was in tears because it just felt so different. So as they’re finishing me up my thoughts were never, are they almost done? How much longer? I was totally in awe of my baby, I was chatting with my husband he was in awe of the baby, taking pictures.

We were together, the three of us, in the same room! He was enjoying this birth as much as I was. They announce they’re finishing up and move me to the recovery room. I got to hold my baby the whole time that they were moving me to the room. When we got to the room they start bathing, weighing and measuring the baby in the same room with me.

Tina G w dh and babe WEB


It was all new to me. I had seen this with my sister who had a regular birth but with my other births I didn’t see my babies until 2 hours later. I was so happy we did it this way and regretted not being able to have a family centered csections with my others.

My daughter stayed with me the whole time I was able to bond with her and nurse her. My recovery even seemed easier at the hospital. I knew what to do afterwards not because of my own experiences but because I had read the book and it encouraged me.

I woke up the 2nd day ready to get up and take a shower! (That never happened with my others) I was walking every 3 hours, drinking lots of water, resting, nursing.

This birth experience was truly enjoyable, it just felt like this is the way it’s supposed to be.  For us mamas that have to have csections. I loved everything about this birth, and I have Mindy’s book to thank for that!

Tina G w fam WEB

I loved hearing Tina’s story.  She is one of many who have experienced the same blessings as a result of my book. I’m so grateful.

Share the news…. let’s help get this book in the hands (or screens, as the case may be) of women who are or want to be pregnant.

It’s super easy to enter the giveaway, just click enter.    🙂

Naturally, if you share the news about this giveaway, you get more entries.  You could also potentially be having a liftetime affect on a woman who needs the information in the book.

If you have been blessed by the book, don’t hesitate to share your birth story with me.  I’ll post it on the blog, if you like!

I hope you are having a great day!

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