Homeschooling High School: Sports & Extra Curricular Activities

by GfG on September 19, 2013 · 1 comment

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“Are you going to homeschool, even through high school?!”  Pretty much the most common question we used to get.  It doesn’t happen as much much anymore, unless I only have the Littles out with me.

High school is daunting and many people won’t consider homeschooling at all because they worry about junior high and high school.  Today is another segment in my series on homeschooling high school.

Today… sports and other extra curricular activities.

Sports is a very serious issue when it comes to school.  Mostly for men.   😉     The idea of their high school aged children not participating in the many varied team sports is not something they want to consider, so homeschooling gets thrown out the window (even as an option for elementary school).  Let me help you possibly put it back on the table.

I’m including extra curriculars because they are so related.

Sports for Homeschoolers

Alrighty… believe it or not this is pretty easy to address.  Except for one part, but I’ll even tackle that.

Beginning at age four, there are community sports of all kinds in most areas of the country (think soccer and t-ball kinds of things).  There are also private lessons for a ton more activities (think fencing and tae-kwon-do kinds of things).  Sign your kiddo(s) up for whatever interests you and/or them.  Let them soar!

Once they get to middle school age, there are also club sports.  The are usually involve try outs and much more time, but they really develop a skill in intensive ways.

If you are near a big city (which is a relative term), I guarantee that there is some kind of organization for homeschoolers. First, find that.  Second, contact them to inquire about sports.  Third, take your pick.

If there isn’t an option for the sport you or your child want, why not start one?  If you can’t start one, maybe you could rally others to do it.  Support them and get the ball rolling.  This would be especially great if you and your child are passionate about an activity.  It could be a team effort.

If you want to forego the homeschooling organization, then just google: sports for homeschooler teams in (insert your city here).  Again,  I am willing to bet that you will find more than you can sign up for in a season.

Homeschoolers are very active in sports as a group.  Sure, not everyone plays, but many do.  So much so that there are local, state, and national tournaments for various sports.  Yup.  Seriously.

Michael homeschool team A WEB

And if all of that were not enough (and really, I think it is), many public school districts now allow homeschoolers to play.  Call your local school board and find out their requirements.  Be sure to also call your state homeschool organization to make sure the local district is telling you the truth.  Depending on a secretary who answers the phone isn’t the best way to get your information.

Ok… the big question:  can a homeschooler get noticed for college sports?  Ummm…. let me see…. yes!  I do not have a list of college students who earned scholarships and were homeschooled (I sure wish I did, though), but here’s one of professional sports participants that were.  Check it out.  Tim Tebow, Michelle Kwan, Bode Miller, or Venus & Serena Williams ring a bell?

(Most pros went to college first, but some were Olympic athletes that skipped college.)

If your child has natural gifting and the hard work ethic to excel in a sport, homeschooling will NOTnotNOT keep them from getting noticed (not like YouTube can’t hurt either) for college and earning a scholarship.  Unless of course, they stink at academics.   This is not easy, but it isn’t easy in the public school world either.

Michael bball.4 A WEB

Do your research you’ll see that more and more of colleges are seeking out if not recruiting homeschoolers.

The test score statistics and the other positives homeschoolers display overall are something the university businesses want.  Truly.

And… if we are honest, many sport skills can be given much more time and energy from homeschoolers.  Their hours are more flexible.

(Seriously, grades, records, documentation, and all of that are important if you want to apply for NCAA college sports scholarships. All do able.   Here is a terrific article on all of that.   And here is something from the NCAA Eligibility Center.    And one more from the Home Scholar that is great.

I hear dealing with the NAIA is much easier for homeschoolers.  )

Using sports as an excuse for not homeschooling just doesn’t hold up in many if not most areas anymore.  Homeschooling is becoming more and more appreciated and that has opened the door for homeschooled athletes.

Extra Curricular Activities for Homeschoolers

There are so many activities you can have your child(ren) involved in for extra curricular (remember, that’s supposed to be in addition to academic curriculum, not in place of it), that you could be gone every day.  For several times a day.


In addition to co-op activities (which I addressed in the math and science posts), there lots of extra classes, groups, and organizations established and run by homeschoolers for homeschoolers.

choir WEB

Just this semester, I received emails about speech, debate, sports, art lessons, drama, choir, and more I’ve forgotten.  And that’s just for our little East Mountain community.  If you are willing to drive to the nearest big city, the possibilities are near endless.

Name your genre of activity and I’d wager (man, I’m doing a lot of betting in this post) that you can find two to sixteen options near you.

Of course, there are also private activities you can choose.  Piano and other music lesson are common in this category, but there are many other ways to utilize private lessons/activities.   Word of mouth is a terrific way to find these, but also ask the local homeschool organization.

We have most made use of church activities.  AWANAs is a popular one in our circles, even for older kids.  HB loved being an assistant teacher for Cubbies when she hit late middle school and it taught her a lot.  Choirs, drama, mission groups, music (praise teams and such), and more.

On top of all of this, there are community activities that you can choose.  A bonus for these is that often, the leaders/teachers of these options would LOVE to have classes during the day, typically a low income time for classes.  Not always, of course, but sometimes.

Socialization comes into play when talking about extra curriculars, so read this post too.

Extra curricular activities and sports look really great on a college admissions as well as when applying for any kind of scholarship, but that’s not why they are great.

They are great because they develop a child’s natural giftings and talents.  The also can teach leadership, submission, sacrifice, perseverance, discipline and diligence.  Very good things.

Our kiddos sports and/or activities this year:  Our high schoolers are in the local homeschool drama group.  HB  and Chloe are in the local homeschool choir (and Phoebe really wants to be).  Noah participated in a cross bike camp.  We hope to buy a house closer to Albuquerque soon and that will help us be involved in more options without crazy gas bills.   In the past, we’ve done soccer, AWANAs, Good News Club, co-op, swim team, t-ball, and piano (not all in the same year).

So… there ya go.  Sports and extra curricular activities are crazy possible and accessible for many homeschoolers.  The world is your smorgasbord.

Edited to add:  The number of activities available in your area, especially if you are rural or in a poor or low populated state, may be much less.  That bums me out for you and your child.  My view is probably slanted because I have done most of my homeschooling in Texas, where sports are (obnoxiously) vital.  😉

If your area offers little in the areas you are most interested in or even in general, consider starting a co-op, starting a group, or relentlessly contacting those who could do either.      😉

I do know that sometimes our best laid plans and effort still don’t get us where we’d like.  We have to trust God for that.  And pray for the door to open down the road for others.   (end edit)

What sports and/or extra curricular activities appeal to your family?

Interested in or intimidated by homeschooling high school?  Read my series!



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