Football Season and the Christian

by GfG on September 6, 2013 · 4 comments

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Football season is upon us. And by us, I mean our country.  I really don’t care much about football.  It’s not my thing.  What is my thing is striving to live a life that glorifies God and calling other Christians to do the same.

So, today, I want to repost a post from 2012 because I still see so many Christians handling this season poorly.  Lots of crazy.  Little grace.  Less understanding.  May God stir your heart to any area you need growth. 


Yesterday was the Super Bowl.  You may or may not have participated in something related to it.

Here’s the thing: if you didn’t, it doesn’t make you more spiritual or holy.  I used to run in a circle where it did.  Definitely did.  It was not just unspoken, it was spoken.  Football was idolatry no matter how much or little you participated.  No matter where your heart stood.  No matter.

Since being confronted with legalism in a stunning way, I have stepped back and allowed God to show me some issues in a new light.  He is helping me remember that He has shown me grace in salvation and now I am to walk in grace.  That means sharing grace.  Even with football fans.

I no longer believe that watching football, cheering for a team, or choosing to spend time in these activities is idolatry.

do believe that most Americans have taken the enjoyment of this hobby and recreation too far.  They have made it an idol in their life.  Americans have done it with many sports.  A wonderful little (it’s short, but terrific) article shows what we can learn from football fanatics/idolaters as well as helps keep enjoyment in place, far from idolatry.  {Learning Worship from Idolaters: Football Fanatics by Dave at Armchair Theology}

One of my favorite Bible teachers, Randy Alcorn, also wrote a wonderful blog post this weekend on why enjoying sports, recreation, a special meal, games, books, and such is not wrong, but a God given trait for mankind.  {Creator and Culture, and Anticipating a Redeemed Earth by Randy Alcorn}

If you enjoy these different activities, I challenge you to ask God to search your heart to be sure they are in correct perspective and place.  Be willing to cut down on the time, if need be, to tame your heart and keep love of the LORD and relationships first.

If you refuse to see that enjoying these activities can be godly, I challenge you to ask God to search your heart for pride and a displaced view of earthen gifts.  Be willing to humble yourself to the LORD and keep love of the LORD and relationships filled with grace.

I could not have told you who was playing in the Super Bowl before it started because I could not care less about football, but we enjoyed some fun food and time as a family.  My Sweetie really likes football but has a very healthy view of it.  He keeps his priorities in a godly balance.  I’m so grateful for him and his influence on our children. He’s a terrific dad.  Who watched the Super Bowl last night.

How do you view sports in relation to godliness?

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