Family Work for Schwebach Farm: Big Blessing

by GfG on September 5, 2013 · 2 comments

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I do not have a green thumb.  Far, far from it.  Actually, my dad always said I was really good at growing dried flowers.  Hilarious.  But true.  Still, I’ve always had a fondness for farms.

Who doesn’t, really?  The romantic idea of the fields full of food and the animals mingling with the children, bringing forth lovely other food.  I’m not naive enough to neglect the truth that farms are hard work.  Really hard work.  Probably why I don’t have one.  Oh, and the fact that Paul isn’t a farmer.

Farm boy WEB

Well, now my family and I get to enjoy a farm every Saturday. Not just any farm, but a family owned and run farm (Schewebach Farm) that is committed to non-GMO and pesticide free farming. And it’s only twenty minutes away.  How fabulous is that?  Pretty stinkin’ fabulous.

But wait… it gets better.  Not only do we get to visit with the Schwebachs every Saturday, but our incredibly tight family budget gets a perk.  Let me explain.

For the harvest (how much do I like saying that on a scale of one to ten?  10!), my family is working the Edgewood farmers’ market for the Schwebach Farm.  We pile into the suburban at 7:30am, head to the farm, load the trailer full of freshly picked (that morning! seriously!) produce, and then set up at the Tractor Supply.  Yes, the Tractor Supply.

Tell me I’m not living the ranch dream?!

We chat with locals and sell some seriously sweet corn and beautiful veggies.  Bea.u.ti.ful!

veggies WEB

The day we went to tour the farm to see exactly where the food was grown, how it was handled, and the options the farm provides, I was in little Mindy heaven.  Green all around.  Great produce.  Gladly living off the land.

At the Farm WEB

Except I was visiting, which was definitely easier.

The Schwebachs are a delightful godly family and they probably have no idea how much they have blessed our crew by asking us to work for them.

Things are not awesome in the income department. Christmas and a move loom on the horizon, both expenses not in the budget.  We earn 1/3 of all profit from the farmers’ market as our payment.  Truly a blessing.

We work hard sharing about the food and the farm.  Our efforts have been rewarded, thankfully, and we have had two of the best weeks the market has ever had.  We also get to bring home a little of anything we don’t sell.

sellers WEB

God answered our prayers for Christmas money and moving expenses (when we hopefully find a house) in a beautiful way.

Maybe many people wouldn’t consider working every Saturday morning for two months an answer to prayer, but we do.

Why is working every Saturday for ten weeks an answer to prayer for all eight of us?

  • The kids are learning real life skills.
  • The children are having to use their math on the spot, which is pressure filled, but a great experience.
  • We all are learning more about nonGMO food.
  • We get fresh produce that is real food for free.
  • We are earning money for situations we face.
  • Our family is getting to know an amazing family.
  • The kiddos gain the experience of working for something without getting instant gratification payment, but instead get to see the whole family benefit down the road.
  • Everyone experiences teamwork with assigned roles each week, even roles they don’t enjoy.
  • Inexperienced people skills grow every single week.

carrots WEB

I’m so grateful God lead the Schwebach’s decision to ask us to work for them.  I know it was Him because we were not their first choice (much to the children’s chagrin), yet we were the final one.

This comes at an especially fabulous time, not just because Christmas expenses sneak up on everyone, but because I am really struggling with God’s provision of a house for us.  Or lack there of, really.

Despite the many multitude of ways He has provided for me and my family throughout the years, I’m having an incredibly difficult time trusting that I will like how He handles this.  Just being honest.

So… the fact that I love working this farmers’ market every Saturday is a reminder that He can bring an answer to prayer that might not look enjoyable or wonderful, but actually is.

Does that make sense?

The many benefits are not lost on me, despite giving up Saturdays and being out in a parking lot for hours.

So… maybe the house He brings will be like that. Or it will be a training ground for something.

My God is trustworthy.

My God is faithful.

My God is in the big and little things.

Like a farmers’ market.  And a house.

Any work in your life that has been an answer to prayer?




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