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by GfG on August 31, 2013 · 2 comments

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Beginning tomorrow, I start a month long homeschooling photo series via Instagram.  Sprittibee is hosting the fun.   She chose a theme for each day (follow her on Instagram too!) and we are to capture that in an Instagram photo any way we see fit.

I’m excited and eager for the challenge of providing thirty glimpses into homeschooling as seen in small photos.

I would love for you to check it out by “following” me on Instagram.  I’m gratefulforgrace.  Imagine that, huh?    😉

If you aren’t familiar with Instagram, let me explain.  Instagram is a photo app (free!) that edits each shot into a square and the filter of your choice.  It’s a bit of photo art in easy form.  If you have a smart phone, grab the app!

Then search for me (gratefulforgrace), click “follow”.  Now you’ll see my photos as I share them.  If you leave me a message (via the little dialogue icon) that you are following me, I’ll follow you back!  Fun, yes?

school table art WEB

I think this will help me see my homeschool differently, my day as artistic, and my platform as more interactive.

Edited to add: I didn’t find Spritibee’s instructions until late tonight.  Here they are: Just take a photo along the lines of the theme each day and share them inside the Instagram App. Use the #HSchallengehashtag in your subject line so your picture will go in to the group pool. Easy peasy!   

Here is the list:

September 2013

1. Organize
2. Chore
3. Favorite Subject
4. Lesson Plan
5. Music
6. Project
7. Color
8. Word
9. In the School Room
10. Lunch
11. Quote
12. Style
13. Field Trip
14. Hands-On
15. Silly
16. Book
17. Teacher
18. Students
19. Snack Time
20. Outdoors
21. Routine
22. Fun
23. Doodle
24. On the Go
25. Co-Op
26. Childhood
27. Crafty / Art
28. Learning
29. Globe
30. Supplies

Remember to tag your photos with the day’s challenge word and the #HSchallenge hashtag. You can just type the number sign before the word and it tags your picture so it is easier for us to search and find.

Join me for snapshots in September? 



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