A Day in the Life of a Homeschooling Family: Take it with Us to the Mountains

by GfG on August 28, 2013

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Yesterday I shared a day in the life of our homeschooling family.  It actually occured last Thursday.  Blogger creative license and all. Today, I share another day: Monday.  It wasn’t a typical day, but it in a way it is.  See, Monday (and Tuesday) we took school with us.  I shared such a day last year, but this one was a bit different.

A generous couple granted us a few days in their mountain get away in north New Mexico.    So, we took school with us to the cabin. 

While the children hoped we would take time off, I saw no need to right now. This is only week three and we’ll be taking a break in September for our annual beach trip.  Plus, I was familiar with this cabin and I knew that the kids would be motivated to finish their work.  One of the perks is that we can take most of our academic work with us just about anywhere. 

 We woke up in stages after a very late arrival.  The ealiest risers went on a little hike after we ate.  The little creek was dried up despite the recent rains.  We followed the creek bed hoping to find some water.  We did. 

It was a lovely walk.  I enjoy listening to each child chat on a hike.  Their personalities seem enhanced.  

By the time we returned, everyone else was up and moving, so the students were instructed about our mountain cabin school day plan:  after each completed “lesson”, play for a bit.  Everyone who has their work done for the day by dinner, get’s s’mores and movie night.  Yes, that’s a bit vague, but it works as long as I pay attention (aka: stay awake, engage, stay off the computer). 

We brought everything except Teaching Textbooks, Latin and spelling.   It was a heavy bag.     🙂 

school on the go WEB

HB and Noah were allowed to work and take breaks as they saw fit, with only minor inquiries. 

As far as the other kiddos, I let them run around for awhile.  I wasn’t in a rush and the mountain morning was lovely. 

Our day progressed wonderfully.  I pretty much sat on the deck reading The Book Thief  in between writing, grammar, read aloud, history with Esther, Phoebe, and Chloe.   I did let the kindergartner take off from math and phonics. 

girls on the deck school WEB

The children, well, they wore themselves out. 

They ran barefoot.  They hammocked (I like to make up words) .   They zip lined a billion times.

PL zipline WEB

I breathed in the air.  The view.  The breeze. 

I absoultely loved doing school on the deck. It felt fabulous.

Phoebe and PL hammock reading WEB

We ended our day with a hike, oven baked s’mores and movies (The Littles: Prince of Egypt; Uppers: BBC version of Emma).   And a day and a half of school done. 

oven s'mores WEB

Yup, the kids wanted to double up on some subjects so they could have more time to run like mountain munchkins the next day.  I thought that might happen. 

Tuesday, the children were dirtier than I’ve seen them in a very long time and the zip line was silent only during lunch. 

We had a fabulous time.  School and all.

Have you taken school somewhere?

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