Jack Goes to Camp: Camp Rising Sun

by GfG on July 20, 2013 · 5 comments

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Oh, I’ve been waiting for this to be ready and approved to share!!    I guess it is since it was on the UNM CDD site today.   I love this video and a small peek into one camper’s life because of Camp Rising Sun.  Jack, his family, and his counselors all walked away changed from their week.   Please watch it!  And not just because the most spectacular and handsome camp director is in it.

You can read Julia McNaney’s (Jack’s mom) short article on the site too.  It’s wonderful.

Not only did we love having Jack at camp, but we were blessed to have his brother Matt as a camper peer.  He and Noah became buddies and really enhanced each other’s experience.

Noah and Matt WEB

Camp Rising Sun has “typical” campers come to camp also to be peer models.  They get to enjoy camp and all it offers.  These campers can be siblings or any child that is familiar with autism.  They get some special training, but are campers 100%.  I love this aspect of CRS.

The stories I could tell of Jack.  Of Camp Rising Sun.  Of families with children on the spectrum.  {insert happy sigh}

Jack and counselors bigger WEB

Jack’s story is one of  over sixty campers in each of its two sessions.  We want to serve more, but the funding isn’t there yet.  How amazing would it be to have more sessions to bless more children and families?  Pretty stinkin’ amazing.

What did you think of the video? 


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