Celebrating a Daughter’s First Period

by GfG on June 4, 2013 · 11 comments

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{Upon first glance, this blog post may seem ill suited for men, but don’t run!  If you are a grandpa or father, you may want to read this anyway and share the idea with your daughter or wife.  I really do think it can make a big impact on a young girl.}

My second born daughter is near young womanhood.  She should start her first menstrual cycle very soon.  That doesn’t sound like something worth celebrating, but I’ve realized that it is.  By realized I mean that I didn’t see it as that for HB.

I cried when she started.

Yeah, not the most encouraging response from a mother to her daughter.  Sigh.

I just wasn’t ready, despite all the signs.  Twelve years old seemed so very young to me, since I didn’t start until I was fifteen.  Now I know that I was delayed, she wasn’t early.

I haven’t entered new seasons of life with much grace and excitement in the past.  I’m trying to do better, but when they involve my children… well, my children growing up is still a hard truth for me.

Anyway, a new friend shared how her older sister made a really big deal about it all for her and it gave her such a positive view of womanhood.

I definitely want my daughters to view womanhood as a gift.  So…. I have a gift bag ready and waiting for Chloe.

Actually, it’s for Chloe and HB, since I didn’t handle HB’s entrance so lovely.

I want to bless them and really celebrate.  The moment could be any minute now, so the gift bag in the closet can be pulled out at any time.

cycle kit WEB

Here is what it contains:

  • a note for each girl sharing my excitement and joy at their entrance into the beginnings of womanhood.  Sharing what a gift it is to bear children and that menstrual cylcles are reminders that God chose woman to be a part of childbearing.
  • beautiful handmade cloth pads (two different shops:  ) 
  • a travel size wet bag
  • a bathroom wet bag
  • disposable pads (because I haven’t convinced the girls how great cloth pads are)
  • ibuprofen for each
  • homeopathic remedy for cramps
  • nail polish
  • permission to use a period app on my iPhone
  • a bag of Hershey Kisses for each girl
  • a gift certificate for Chloe to get  her ears pierced and a pair of earrings for HB (already has pierced ears)

My budget was spent at this, but other ideas of items to consider including are:

  • cute panties
  • small calendar
  • facial care items
  • body lotions
  • good razors
  • journal 
  • jewelry

It is my hope that this will help bless them and create a very positive memory.

May God bless their journey into womanhood and our relationships!

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