The Deal I Made with My Four Year Old

by GfG on May 28, 2013 · 2 comments

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Hannah Beth reminded me yesterday that this summer is the summer of our infamous deal.  The one I made with her when she was four years old.

{repost from March 2012}

HB is our firstborn blessing. She has always been smart as a whip and beyond her age. She is the typical first born in many ways. At the age of four, she practically taught herself how to read. I didn’t believe in pre-school or pushing academics early and so when she kept asking to learn, I put her off. Finally, I realized I might be missing an open window of opportunity. So… she started “school” at the age of four. We only did reading and math. We told her she was in kindergarten, but never discussed anything beyond that.

A few weeks after she started “school” she wanted to have a little discussion about it. I was tucking her into bed and she offered a deal to me in her sweet little voice with the convincing tone of a courtroom lawyer: “Mama, what about if I do school for twelve more years and then I get to watch t.v. all I want for, like, a month?”

I smiled, grateful the darkness could hide the entertainment clearly displayed on my face. I said, “Hmmm… twelve more years, huh? And then one whole month of all the t.v. you want?…. ok, I’ll make that deal and I’ll even let you watch t.v. for two whole months after the twelve years if you want.”

“Really, Mama? Ok. School for twelve more years sounds good.”

“Ok, sounds like a great deal to me, honey. I love you. Night. Night.”

I found it perfectly hilarious that she picked twelve years without knowing that kids usually go to school until twelfth grade. The irony was lost on her, but not on me. I smiled as I left the room.

The next morning she came out to the kitchen with a look of intense concentration and realization. Before even greeting anyone she said,“I should have said twelve months, huh Mama?”

I smiled my knowing smile and said, “Yeah, that might have been a better deal for you.”

“I just realized that. Oh well. Ok, twelve more years. I still can watch all the t.v. I want after that, right?”

“Yup. All you want.”

So… the bad news is that I would make such a deal and then up it to two months {wasn’t very in tune with the whole “tv isn’t so great for the brain” gig}.  The good news is that she will be gone more than a month of her two months.         🙂

HB and me WEB

I can’t believe we have finished twelve years of homeschooling together, HB and I.  Sigh.  I’m so stinkin’ proud of her and I look forward to what God has planned for her.

Even if it involves a month of television viewing. 

Made any deals you have to hold up with your kiddos? 

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