Homeschooling High School

by GfG on April 24, 2013 · 4 comments

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Does the idea of teaching geometry make you want to run out of the room screaming?  Do you imagine all moms need to know chemistry to have their child take it?  Do you think that high school can’t be done at home without some serious training?

Let me dispel some myths while also encouraging the faint at heart.

One of the most common questions I’ve ever received about homeschooling is, “What about high school?”  I was asked this when HB was starting kindergarten.  Seriously. 

I’m not sure why so many people want an answer to that at the very beginning, but they do.  Which is weird, since I don’t know any “regular” kinder parents that have to provide a plan for high school when their child starts formal academics. It must be the daunt factor.

Being daunted is normal.

Homeschooling through high school really is daunting to most people and that is normal.  It is also a concern to nearly all grandparents and friends.  Goodness, even perfect strangers ask about it.

I am starting a series Homeschooling High School to help answer some questions, to spark conversations, and to encourage the mamas in the trenches.

Lord willing, we will be graduating our first child a year from now. Watching her wrap up her junior year has been fascinating and lovely.


I’ve never for a minute doubted that we would homeschool all the way through (not to be confused with the belief that is has always been easy).  I have fluctuated between being calm as a cucumber to freaking out like a Tasmanian devil during the entry into homeschooling a high schooler and preparing one for college.

Don’t be deterred, though.  

Just because it’s daunting, doesn’t mean you can’t homeschool a high schooler.

Just because you weren’t a fan of high school math and sciences (or you had to have a tutor for one or more of those classes, ahem), doesn’t mean you can’t homeschool a high schooler.

Just because there isn’t a degree in education hanging on your wall, doesn’t mean you can’t homeschool a high schooler.

Don’t be deterred.

Sure homeschooling high school has it’s challenges.   Just as every season of life has it’s own challenges, every season also has it’s beauty.  The hurdles can be hurdled.

I’m hear to tell you that while homeschooling during the early years is beautiful in so many ways, so is homeschooling high school.

Do not believe the lie that teaching a high school student requires a degree, or knowledge of higher math/sciences, or comprehension of every subject, or special training.  That’s a bold face, arrogant lie.

Not only was it wrong to have believed that years ago, it is especially untrue in this day and information age.  Where there is a will, there is a way. We just have to be encouraged to find it.

high school WEB

I will be addressing the following topics in this series {links added as the posts go live}:

Do I have homeschooling high school all figured out?  No way!  This series will be helping and encouraging me also.

The heart of this series is to encourage and equip those who want to homeschool through high school, but are worried.  It’s to show grandparents and other family members that it is possible, in a terrific way.  It’s a to shout to the world that parents still know what is best for their child, even when they enter ninth grade!

Join me as we walk through some high schooling homeschoolers topics!

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