Homeschooling at a Pizza Joint

by GfG on March 8, 2013 · 1 comment

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I used to love to eat pizza while doing school work.  Loved it.  Who am I kidding?  I still love having pizza while doing schoolwork.  Or just about anything really.  My kiddos do too.

We usually have homemade pizza on Fridays, but a few weeks ago we had pizza while doing school.  And we weren’t at home.

There are so many perks to homeschooling.  So stinkin’ many.  One of them is that you can do school just about anywhere.  Not that long ago, we did school at Dion’s, a NM favorite.

Paul had some work in Santa Fe and we wanted to attend a spectacular field trip there that day, so we were able to tag along. I’ll share the field trip part next week, but today I want to express how wonderful it was to do school at a pizza joint.

We arrived hungry and a bit tired from our morning, but with a bag full of school work.

After loading up on yummy pizza, we spread out in the corner of the restaurant to work.  I wasn’t sure how the kids would take it, but after the initial, “Are we really going to work?”,  they thought it was fun.  So did I.

The girls quickly decided to share a booth.  Noah stuck with me.  Paul Louis commandeered his own booth.  HB was at home, missing all the fun.

Dion's Collage WEB

We did grammar, writing, math, reading, science, and Story of the World (a history text) read aloud.  We finished just as Paul wrapped up his work, so we all enjoyed some time at a park.

My favorite part of schooling at Dion’s was the example we set for everyone there: learning can happen anywhere. School is something that happens anywhere.

The kids favorite part of schooling at Dion’s was the example I set for everyone there: sometimes moms are suckers and let their kiddos have root beer while they work. Suckers can happen anywhere.

No one in the restaurant asked any questions, which surprised me.  I guess homeschooling is mainstream enough now.  Very cool.

Dion's Collage 2 WEB

Sitting in the booth, interacting with different kids at different times, and sipping iced tea with a belly fully of mozzarella, all I could think was, “How great is this?”

Driving home in the van, soaking in the view, enjoying the chatter, and feeling so full of gratefulness for our day, all I could think was, “Stinkin’ great!”


Have you done school somewhere unusual?  Would you?

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