Church: How to be the New Kids {Part 2}

by GfG on March 10, 2013 · 1 comment

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Visiting churches is difficult.  Once you make the decision to join one, there is plenty you can do to get past the awkward new member stage.

What’s the best way to be a new member?

Remember every church is different.  Ok, ok.  I said that already.  It bears repeating because if you are like us and went to one church for eighteen years, it’s a bit rough to join a new one.

Get involved in the small group options available.  I know that meeting new people is uncomfortable.  I do.  I hate it, despite what it may seem like to those watching.  I just know that being an island is detrimental to me and my family.  It is to you too, whether you realize it or not.  We are supposed to fellowship and that doesn’t just mean chit chat on Sundays.  Find a small group and start attending.  Once you know which small group is a fit for you, then be a real participant, sharing your heart and life.

Take the initiative to get to know people.  I had cards made after the move that have our names, phone number, and my email.  I hand them out like candy.  Well, maybe not like candy.  People like candy.  I’m not sure people like getting my cards, but writing my information on little slips of paper was not quick and easy.  Business cards are.

While I hope and pray that people reach out to you, you will have to do some reaching out too.  If you feel a connection to someone, then make an invitation.  Just as I said in this post, it doesn’t have to be a meal.  There are several ways to handle this and you can choose what works for you and the person/people you are trying to get to know.

Church Collage WEB

Attend church events of all kinds.  Corporate worship is a big deal.  Church isn’t just about that though.  I’m not saying you have to be there every time the doors are open (I honestly don’t believe that), but you should consider church a priority, not just something you do on Sundays and with small group.  Get to know your congregation and it’s vision.

You have to get to know your church from different angles.  Ice cream socials, Sunday evening services (on occasion, at least), outreach events, Sunday School.  Smile, introduce yourself, and embrace your church home.

Give it time.  Some seasons are more difficult to make new friends.  We didn’t commit to our new church until the Christmas holidays.  Terrible time to ask people to add anything to their calendar.  We knew we had to be patient.  The funny thing is that we’ve been sick a ton since then, so we haven’t been able to invite new people over to the house.  Hopefully, that is ending soon.

Stay for the long haul.  Once you commit to a body, don’t leave unless it’s for Biblical reasons.  You have considered the doctrine, you have prayed, and you have joined.  Honor your commitment to the Lord.  He is who you actually made the commitment to when you joined.

I’m grateful to have had a precious church home and to now have the opportunity to enjoy a new one.

I don’t like being the new kid on the block, but it is what it is.  Making the most of it is the only option that glorifies the Lord.  I am excited to see what He has for us here as well as how we can bless others.

Church: How to be the New Kids on the Block {Part 1} was about being a visitor.

What have you learned about being new members at a church? 

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