Hannah Beth’s Birthday Gift

by GfG on February 26, 2013

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My eldest child arrives home tonight after being gone six days.  Yup, six.  Sigh.

Thanks in great part to her Aunt Robbie, HB flies home from Texas tonight after being with her precious friend, Katie.  There was no other gift that would please my darling daughter more than getting time with her heart friend, whom she hasn’t seen since last July and had no hope of seeing until this July.  HB was left in speechless tears when she opened her gift.  Priceless.

Today, I sit here missing her, yet being so happy for her at the same time.  Good friends are gifts.  Getting to spend one on one time with them is precious.

I would say that I can’t wait to hear about her trip, but it will most likely be something that can not be described.  They will have simply spent uninterrupted time together.

That’s really what friendship is about, isn’t it?  Connecting.  Spending time with one another.

Friendships can not be built or maintained if the connections are not tended.  This can be done in several ways, but the best is some actual time in each other’s presence.

Katie is a delight to everyone that knows her.  She is sweet, kind, polite, funny, smart, and God loving.  I really can’t ask for more in a friend for my daughter.


I know that Texas has treated Hannah Beth well.   She probably visually soaked in the grass, the river, the hills, and the green.

I know that Kerrville Bible Church treated her well Sunday.  She surely hugged many necks and basked in her most familiar pastor’s preaching.

I know that Katie’s family has treated HB well.  She enjoys time with them always.  Katie’s family loves my HB and that makes them so very precious.

While it was difficult to let Hannah Beth go on this trip, it would have been more difficult to not let her go.  I am grateful she understands friendship and has a peer in her life that can encourage, challenge, and love her.

That is the best gift.

Being able to go soak it in was the best 16th birthday gift.

I will hug her neck when she gets home, but I’ll also say a prayer of thanks for her aunt and for Katie’s family, both of which love my daughter tremendously.

What a gift that is to me.  And it’s not even my birthday.

Do your kiddos have treasured friends? 

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