Dear America

by GfG on February 13, 2013 · 6 comments

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Dear America and Her Government,

I am grateful to live here.  I am more than grateful to have been born here.  While our country needs some changes made, it’s still one of, if not the, most free place to live.

I don’t understand why you keep wanting to change that.

I have six amazing children.  They are so amazing.  If you met them, you’d agree.

Yet, let me be clear about something.  They are my children.  They are not yours.  They do not belong to you.

While they are minors, I am the one who gets to love, snuggle, and play with them.  I also get to teach, train, and tend them.  It’s my God given right.  Not yours.

More and more laws are being passed every day or judicial rulings made that infringe on parental rights in the name of protecting children.  It’s hogwash.  What it is is government power abuse.  Plain and simple.

What right do you have to come in and test my child’s mental health, without provocation (read the link and be stunned)?!  None, I say!  None.  They are not your children!

What right do you have to declare parents as secondary in line when it comes to assessing children’s welfare and upbringing.  Deciding who you think should be in a child’s life  because of your whim?  They are not your children!

Now you are trying to take children away from their parents at even earlier ages.  New Mexico has a bill in the Senate that would make the compulsory age four.  President Obama alluded to the same thing last night.

You are trying to say that preschool helps everyone.  No it doesn’t. It helps some and it helps the work force.  If you’re gonna say it, say it honestly.  Say that you want mothers to be able to enter the work force earlier. Say that you want parents of young children to not have to pay for child care.  Say that you think your government run schools can do a better job than a dedicated parent.  They are not your children!

My heart breaks for the four year old children who will be taken to school because the state thinks it best, instead of being with their mamas all day.  My heart is stunned by the lack of respect for mothers and fathers who work hard to take the difficult road of one income so one parent can stay home with their little children.  My heart cries out for parents to fight this!


They are not your children!

Fam Christmas 2012 WEB

These six are mine.


Mindy Brouse

A concerned citizen



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