A Day in the Life of a Homeschooler {or 10}

by GfG on January 2, 2013 · 9 comments

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Ever wondered what homeschooling really looks like?  Ever had friends or family ask?  Ever wanted to help?

Well… I’m giving you the chance to get a real look.

Beginning next week, I will share the good, the bad, and the goofy of our days schooling.  A play by play, if you will.  I won’t sugar coat anything. I won’t hide our struggles.  I won’t alter life.

As much as I can, I will give you a real taste of the homeschooling life.  

IMG_7615 WEB

I remember calling three women I admired to ask if I could come spend a day with them to see what homeschooling was really like back when I was starting out, fourteen years ago.  They were gracious to have me over, but a whole day just didn’t work. I gleaned as much as I could, but I walked away with the most memorable truth: homeschooling looks different in every home.

So, while that is very true, I am also keenly aware that many people just can’t wrap their heads around it all.

I’m up for a little head wrapping.  Or whatever.  Let’s give it a go, shall we?

chloe school WEB

Not only will I post every day for ten week days, but I’m giving you a chance to see some more homes!   Every day there will be a link up for fellow bloggers to share a taste of their homeschool.  A sort of online homeschool buffet.  The more flavors you get, the better the buffet, right?

Since Monday’s play by play can’t be shared until it’s over, the fun will really start on Tuesday when Monday’s school day gets posted here.

Why ten days?  One day isn’t really a sample, good or bad.  Ten days will give you two weeks worth of homeschooling, which is much more accurate.

Why do this?  It really is my heart’s desire to encourage more families to consider homeschooling and if getting a peek can help, peek away!

Am I crazy?  Maybe.   😉

How can you help?  Tell as many homeschooling bloggers as you can about this link up so they can share too!

Is there a prize?  Yes!  I will enter every blogger who participates into a giveaway for an Amazon gift card.  Every post counts as an entry, so if a blogger puts up three A Day in the Life of a Homeschooler posts, they get three entries.

What are you hoping to see in this smorgasbord?


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