A Day in the Life of a Homeschooler {Day 9}

by GfG on January 17, 2013 · 2 comments

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{Ten day series showing the daily life of a homeschooling family of eight.  Bloggers who link up are entered for an Amazon gift card! Each of my days has a different focus, today’s is socialization. }

6:47 Paul Louis in my face whispering, in the style of his Daddy (aka: not whispering), “Can I have an Aussie Bite?”  To which I reply, “No, it’s not 7:00.  Get back in bed!”

7:08 “Mama, it’s 87!!”  I love that boy.  I say, “You can have one Aussie Bite after you snuggle me.”  He promptly jumps in the bed.

7:30 With Esther and Paul Louis happily munching Aussie Bites and counting how many are left, I hop in the shower.  Aren’t you proud of me, showering today?

7:49  Facebook and email.

8:00 Two other kids realize the Aussie Bites are out.  Those, granola, and birthday brownies (it’s a tradition here to have birthday dessert for breakfast the next day) are breakfast today.  Be jealous.

8:42 I realize HB and Noah are not up, so I wake them.  They look less than pleased.  I’m thinking some siblings stayed up late chatting in their room.

8:58 AAS with Phoebe, then Esther, then Chloe.

9:22  Text from Autumn! I am speechless.  I am flying to California Monday (a gift from her) to photo her home birth, doula, and help after delivery.  This text lets me know I will not being doing two of those jobs.  I pray for my precious friend’s labor.

Day in the Life #27 WEB

9:30 Grab the kids to pray for Autumn.

Let’s talk about socialization, shall we?  This won’t be an exhaustive post on the subject because my goal is just touch on how we socialize in our school day and homeschooling life

We socialize our children by allowing them to be around a wide variety of ages, by giving them situations to practice interaction with adults who have Biblical goals for their behavior, by being in charge of their socialization.  We want our kids to learn by intentional socialization.

We have friends over for dinner, we go to work gatherings, we set up play dates with other families, we bring our children to Bible study (not sending them away), we have the kids in classes when possible, we spend/spent time with grandparents often, we have parties, we live the camp life of spending time with counselors/staff and we have them around each other all day.

We make sure to have our children be in conversations with elderly people.  Teens.  Kids their age.  Adults of varying ages.  Young children.  All of it. 

So, when the text came, all of the kids were involved.  They aren’t privy to all adult conversations, of course, but they aren’t seen and not heard nor are they excused to be “with kids their own age” .

10:00  Writing with Esther and Phoebe.  I am considering ways to get to CA right now.  I pray for a teleport machine to appear.

10:03 Text from Autumn’s husband, Michael, stops me in my tracks: Boy.  Delivered on her own in 5 mins.

10:03:05 Me: Shut up?!!

10:03:15  Michael: Serious.  I was in class.

10:04  I am in such joy and so full of questions that I am having a difficult time concentrating on anything.  Seriously.

10:20 Paul Louis asks to do math.  Phoebe says, “Earth to Mom!”

10:42  Esther speaks to my heart when she draws a darling message to me.  Esther loves Mama.  Over and over in hearts.  How grateful am I?

10:50 Language with Phoebe and Esther

10:55 Math with Phoebe and then Esther.  Both girls are learning calculator skills today.

Day in the Life #29 WEB

11:18 Phoebe cracks me up.  While discussing a word problem, she says, “How do they know that?  If they know three sides’ lengths, but not the fourth, how do they know the total?  Where did they get the total from?”  Ok, that’s a decent point.

11:28 Off and on FB and email and my phone as I celebrate and try to glean information about the birth.

11:30 I ask Paul Louis to build me a surprise out of Legos because he’s having a difficult time staying off electronics.  He immediately jumps to the task with gusto. Redirection is your friend, mamas.

11:40 May or may not have said to Noah, “Go change your shirt because I refuse to have you in the same shirt for three days on the blog.”   He may or may not have cared about the issue, but he changed his shirt.

11:48 Paul Louis brings me an amazing treasure chest made of Legos.  Much pride is involved.  Decription also.

11:52 I smell jalapeno poppers!

11:55 Seriously.  I am shaking with excitement.  I could explode.  I want to talk to her so badly.

Noon Realize Paul Louis has been talking to me for minutes and I haven’t heard a word.  Thankfully, I engage.

12:05  Grammar with Chloe

12:20  Lunch of poppers and… poppers.  Kiddos have spaghetti, but HB and I have poppers. Mmmmm

12:30  Realize I am done with one-on-one work for today.  Choir registrar work to double check for a meeting today.

1:10 I start boiling trout for fish patties tonight.   Text Autumn.  Set up registrar notebook.

1:25 Remember that I am boiling fish.

1:30 I realize that Autumn delivered her son seven minutes after she sent me the text that she sent saying she thought “today was the day”.  Wowza.

Day in the Life #30 WEB

1:40 Internet goes out.

2:00 Make-upped (I really enjoy creating words and especially like this one) good enough, so grab stuff and leave for choir meeting.

2:05 Get a call from a friend about her daughter and issues that could be heartbreaking.  HB and I pray.

2:25 Pray with director for the meeting and then greet other moms and start.

4:25 Leave choir meeting and pray all the way home I haven’t missed a call from Autumn or Jasmine, since my phone died during the meeting.

5:00 The Hobbit chapter seven on audio for Phoebe and Esther (and a few siblings who like to listen).

5:20 Dinner in the oven and all of school is officially done for the week.

5:30 Get to talk to Autumn and her the most amazing birth story ever.  I am so thrilled for her and can hardly wait to be with her.

6:00 Dinner with a friend. Once a month, I get together with a couple of other moms to talk, seek counsel, and provide encouragement.   I love this night.

Remember, we get together with other families on purpose.  It is a part of our kids socialization.  That doesn’t mean that we won’t have a few girls over for Phoebe and Esther or that Noah won’t get together with some boys, but the norm is for group interactions with many people.  

My outing tonight is with one friend who is ten years older than I am and another who is a few years younger.

A part of our socialization goals are successfully seen when we get together with other families.  My kiddos all engage with whatever kiddos are there.  They know how to hang out and play and have fun with any age you throw at them.  Last week, during Hobbit afternoon, I watched the four year old and twelve year olds play together in wonderful ways.  

9:30  After a lovely dinner and conversation, I arrive home with a full heart.  My day has been such a mix of emotions.

I admit to being disappointed to not being able to see my friend deliver… though as Autumn said, “Even if you had been here, you wouldn’t have seen it. I really did think I was going to lie down.  Not a single person in my house saw it.”…. but much more than that… my heart soared for my friend, blessed to carry and deliver six children.  What a gift.  What joy to have another family member arrive, even if on the bathroom floor.

Yet, another friend is pleading for the LORD about one of her children.  My heart plunged in agonizing prayer.

I’m grateful that my children were home to hear about each aspect of our friends’ lives, to pray, to be a part of it all.  And still do math.

Day 9, wowza!  

Link up, bloggers! 

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