A Day in the Life of a Homeschooler {Day 8}

by GfG on January 16, 2013 · 8 comments

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{Ten day series showing the daily life of a homeschooling family of eight.  Bloggers who link up are entered for an Amazon gift card! Each of my days has a different focus, today’s is extra curricular activities. }

5:37 Wake up.  Can’t stop thinking about the day, so I figure I’ll go ahead and get up. Until I read the clock.  Ugh.

6:30 Go ahead and get up.  Check FB and email.  Enjoy a beautiful sunrise.


The special part is that there was a gorgeous pink filled sunrise sixteen years ago too.  I still have the photo in a baby book to prove it.

7:15 Hand the birthday banner to Noah for hanging.  Today is HB’s 16th birthday!  I put the monkey bread in the oven.

7:18 Attempt to shower.  Too cold.  There is no hot water for some reason.  So, I go ahead and get dressed for the big day.

8:00 Math with Esther

8:08 Pause math to have breakfast.  We sing and HB opens her first gift.  Fun!

8:23 Math with Phoebe while Esther does her test.  What?  Why yes, this is moving along.  I’m on the fast track for the primary academics today with P&E; you’ll see why.  Paul Louis and Noah wrestle on my bed, their favorite activity.

8:57 Crying.  Wrestling is over.

9:02 Phoebe prefers mental math, but her mathematical acrobats amaze me.   Often in good ways, but not today.

9:06 Lego drama.  “I’m the boss of all things that are mine.  She can’t use them!”, shouts Paul Louis.  Character training opportunity.

9:18 Language with Phoebe and Esther

Day in the Life #22 WEB

9:25 Writing with Esther and then Phoebe.

9:45 I go get finished getting ready and make upped.

9:48 Catechism, scripture memory, and prayer.  I love hearing my kiddos’ requests.

10:02 Poopy talk in the restroom.  This is a good time to mention that for the last three days, I have an alarm that goes off every hour to beckon all of us to drink 1/2 a cup of water.  We are all under hydrated.  Not helping the child with poopy issues.

10:09  I give a very stern looking lecture to the children about responsibility and trust.  Noah is left in charge (with two neighbors “on call”), but all school needs to be done when HB and I return.

10:11  HB and I head to Santa Fe with friends!  They are treating us to a lovely outing involving their favorite restaurant!  Our friends happen to have gourmet taste, so we know this will be wonderful.

10:25  The mountains, buttes, plains, and ?? along our drive are gorgeous.  Such beautiful scenery.

10:48  Arrive at  an authentic French restaurant!  I can barely walk past the pastries.  Egad.

Our lunch was so savory.  The dessert, well… I’m a big fan of dessert and the Frenchman now living in Santa Fe made me happy.  What a treat!

Day in the Life #23 WEB

2:30 Drop off HB at drama auditions.  This was actually more like: Tell HB to tuck and roll as she is thrown out of the car since we are late.

HB is in a homeschool drama group.  It is a delightful group of  kids with a family running the show.  They are Christians and teach drama from a Biblical worldview, encouraging excellence, honor, and light shining during the class and in each participant.  It is a real answer to pray for us because she’s been wanting to do a drama group, but there wasn’t one that worked for us.

We are open to extra curricular activities for our children, but we consider all sides.  We don’t just seek to fill our kiddos’ time.  The American culture has over scheduled childhood and tossed out lots of important aspects while doing so.  We seek to encourage giftings, callings, and family goals.  If an activity overruns the calendar, overwhelms a child’s day, or encourages activity that isn’t God honoring in design or in the child’s abilities, it doesn’t make the cut.  

Another extra curriculuar for HB is volunteer work.  She is an assitant during pool therapy with an occupational therapist that specializes in Autism.  HB is interested in working with special populations and this was a fantastic opportunity.  The woman she is learning form is world renown (literally) in the field and works with Paul.

2:38 I arrive home with a miserable headache.  I ask the non-birthday children if they have finished school.  There is a pause during which I can see them gathering explanations.  I head them off at the pass, “I am going to take a nap.  If you don’t want me to rip your head off and sell all your stuffed animals when I wake up, you had better be finished with school.”

2:40 I try to take a nap.  Headaches are unusual for me.

3:00 Unable to sleep due to the pain, so I take meds.  I’m feeling pretty badly at this point.

3:30 HB is brought from drama to choir rehearsal by a friend.

HB is in a homeschool performance choir (and Chloe is an assistant for performances).  Again, big answer to prayer.  HB was taking voice back in Texas and we had hoped to work on this gifting.  Enter the PACT Choir.  HB is earning two credits in this choir. Music theory, history,  sight singing, ear training, simple two part harmonies and more.  She even has tests. 

Noah takes a logic class on Mondays (we count this as part of his school, but just in case you consider it extracurricular) and kiddos all take two years of piano.

We really haven’t seen a way for our family to do team sports without it filling the calendar and robbing us of family time.  Many families do though.  There are homeschooling teams of all kinds in most major cities and even in smaller towns.  Some public and private schools allow homeschoolers to play.  

There are so many options for extra curricular activities.  You may have to look for them (like we are doing after the move), but once you find them, you’ll probably have to say no to some because of the many choices. 

I will discuss family extra curricular activities when I share about socialization. 

Day in the Life #25 WEB

4:00  Try again to nap.  To no avail.  So, I stare at Paul Louis for a bit and he wakes.  We snuggle and chat.  Better than Tylenol, but the Tylenol did kick in and I feel better.

4:18  The children have all decided to keep their heads and stuffed animals (aka: all school work is done), but I find out Noah forgot to take photos for me.  Mental note: ask Chloe next time.

4:30  Start making the BBQ Jalapeno Poppers.  I soooo love that she requested these for her birthday dinner.

5:00 HB arrives home.  Realize we don’t have enough bacon for two trays of the BBQ Japalpeno Poppers, so off to Walmart.  Yup, they are that important.

6:30 Burgers, onions, and poppers cooking.  Wow, our home smells great!

6:45 Birthday dinner is served.  The younger kids are begging HB to open her gifts.  She refuses until she’s done eating.

8:00 The final gift is opened and our precious daughter is moved to tears.  She is getting flown to see her dear friend back in TX, thanks to her aunt Robbie, some Christmas gift money, and us!   The mocha brownies are even more pleasant as we all bask in the beauty of HB’s special day and what she means to us.


8:24  About to gather the younger kiddos for bed when I hear, “Come on, Jean Valjean.  You can go this way!”  Looking over, I see they are playing with Legos and Lego Minifigurines.  Les Miserables.  Just when I thought the night couldn’t get any better.   🙂

Day 8 is done.  What a lovely day!

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