A Day in the Life of a Homeschooler {Day 6}

by GfG on January 14, 2013 · 7 comments

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{Ten day series showing the daily life of a homeschooling family of eight.  Bloggers who link up are entered for an Amazon gift card! Each of my days has a different focus, today’s is our faith in our homeschoool. }

Quiet Time

7:45 Up and dressed. Glancing outside, I see that it has been snowing for awhile!

8:00 Realize quilting class will probably not happen as I set up audio Bible for the younger girls (we start Quiet Time and Bible reading again today; all read/listen to the Bible).

Quiet time is alone time with God’s Word.  Each child is to start their day with this, spending ten minutes reading whatever they would like.  I usually have my quiet time when they are eating breakfast or doing breakfast meal chores.  

8:12 Send photo of our driveway to Edie.

8:14 Get a call from Edie, rescheduling quilting.

8:28 Check FB and email.

8:34 Breakfast.  Catechism, scripture memory, and prayer together.  These three activities are a part of our faith.  We believe they all important.  We made them a priority three years ago.  I do them first because I don’t want them to get squeezed out, which has happened in the past.

9:05 Explain updated check list for Phoebe and Esther, set up Esther on her Kindle with a new history reader, and explain the new timeline procedures for Noah and Chloe.  AAS with Phoebe.

Day in the Life #15 WEB

9:30 Talk with two kids who are having issues getting along.  We discuss showing love to one another.  We discuss how they can be more kind to one another, more forgiving, and more grace extending.

Our faith is involved in this aspect of our homeschooling as well since our faith affects all we do.  Instead of the issue going on with a bully possibility, I can help both parties see the Biblical issues involved, which helps both of them grow in maturity.  When social interactions are left for kids to handle themselves until a major crisis occurs (as opposed to minor crises which happen more often), which is what happens in school outside the home, neither party is helped in truly formative ways.  I could talk all day about this, but I won’t.  Character development is worked on all day. For all of us. 

10:08 AAS with Esther and then she decides to take a bath.  Since her hair is in desperate need of washing, I agree.

10:16 AAS with Chloe and Phoebe goes to join Esther.

10:28 I find Esther and Phoebe in the tub, with about three inches of water, shivering.  Their hair is unwashed.  Esther saw “too much” hair (I shaved Friday  🙂      ) and after filling the tub, emptied it to clean out the hair.  Now there is no hot water.   Ahem.

10:30 Writing with Phoebe and then Esther.  Paul Louis is playing rockets, HB & Noah are reading, Chloe is prepping potatoes for lunch.

10:44 I realize I really love how the snow looks.  The landscape is blanketed.    So pretty…. from the wood stove with my hands around a warm mug of chai latte.

11:15 Math with Paul Louis (he begs), Phoebe and then Esther.

11:45 During math, I get a call from another mom about using Skype instead of driving to  logic class.  We also start to speculate on moms’ night out.

11:51 Paul Louis asks me to finish making “the cross Jesus died on” out of linking cubes.

11:59 I am so proud of Phoebe.  Subtracting four digit numbers with trading all by herself.  She has made great strides and has really grown academically this year.

12:05 Geography- moving on to Asia.  We have Europe and both Americas memorized.  And by we, I mean the kids.  Ahem.

12:22 Lunch.  Check FB and email.

12:51 Meal chores for the kids.  I transfer all my iPhone photos to the computer since my camera is “full”.

12:55 Story of the World reading and narration

Day in the Life #16 WEB

1:20 Science (Apologia astronomy)  One of the biggest perks to homeschooling is that you can make sure your worldview is a part of academics.  While this is seen most obviously in our science curriculum, it is, in fact, an aspect of all our curriculum choices. 

1:30 Get an email with freak out news (more about it later this week)

1:44 HB and Chloe decide to walk… I mean… trek to the mailbox.  Weirdo kids leaving the warmth of the house.

1:51 Paul Louis down for nap.  Today he chooses his favorite spider book because “I wanted to scare you, Mom!”   Phoebe watches Latin lesson.

2:05 Paul shows up!  Since it has been snowing all day and even in Albuquerque now, the “pass” may get closed, so Paul hitched a ride with a coworker to his vehicle at the bus stop in Edgewood.  He’ll be working from home the rest of the day.

2:15 Help Phoebe with her Latin paper (whew! I could actually do it!)

2:21 Chapter five of The Hobbit from audio book with Phoebe and Esther.  I hole punch some lesson plan papers that didn’t print right and check FB/email.

2:56 While girls continue to listen, I have a “stern discussion” with two children about undone (aka: unchecked by me, therefore ignored) work, assign make up work as well as consequences.  All three of us are unhappy.

3:00 Moms’ night out is cancelled due to difficult road conditions.   Chloe and Esther go to play out in the snow.

Day in the Life #17 WEB

3:40 HB phones her dear friend in TX.  They have missed several “phone dates”.  Phoebe, Noah and Esther read history (this actually means an assigned historical fiction book).

3:48 I sit next to Esther while she reads because she is feeling overwhelmed.  This is a common occurrence when she is starting a new book.  She always finishes on time and enjoys the book, but the schedule overwhelms her on Monday.  She is reading The Hidden Jewel this week.

Our history curriculum reflects our faith in two ways: it incorporates influential Christians  and it encourages discussion on God’s Providence.  Not every book agrees with our worldview, but it is an emphasis.  

4:00 Get a call from a friend who is in Noah’s logic class. They offer to bring Noah. My son is thrilled.  Going to class is much more fun than Skyping it.

4:08 I remember that I have to provide dinner for this crew.  I consider writing up a suggestion for a federal bill: all homeschooling moms get dinner delivered on Mondays.  Sounds good.  Since it will take awhile for a bill to become a law (I’ve seen School House Rock, thankyouverymuch), I go make veggie soup.

4:34 Esther joins the girls out in the snow.  They are pretending to be deer.  They mention something about a hole that they think is for mice.  I ignore them.  And pray.  Paul Louis plays Mario Kart on the Wii with his Daddy, “You are so going way, way down, Dad!”

snowy sunset WEB

So as to shorten the posts, the rest of the evening will be spent in the following manner:dinner & brownies, showers, makeup work by two children, family read aloud of two chapters, dinner, Netflix in my bed, and me sneaking chocolate Joe-Joe’s.  Not necessarily in that order.

Day 6 was full, but great!  We even enjoyed our first all day snow day!  

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