A Day in the Life of a Homeschooler {Day 4}

by GfG on January 10, 2013 · 2 comments

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{Ten day series on every day life in our homeschooling family of eight.  In addition to the play by play, each day has a different emphasis.  Today’s emphasis is housework as we homeschool.}

8:12 Roll out of bed and get dressed and ready.

8:14 Stun the kids by coming out fully clothed and ready to start the action rolling.

8:40 Realize the kids weren’t really up for rolling.  Breakfast is just now finally finished.  Meal chores commence.

Meal chores: each kiddo has two (before the meal and after).  Setting the table, fixing drinks, getting and putting away condiments, giving each person a cloth napkin, sweeping, doing the dishes, wiping the table, putting away dry dishes, wiping counters, and taking napkins to laundry are currently ours.  I can.not.tell. you how much time this saves me and how beneficial it is to the children.

8:48 Paul Louis, the 4 yo, is already busy with pattern blocks.

9:11 Catechism, scripture memory, and prayer with everyone.  Paul Louis decides to dual task so he is doing his exercises.  Interruptions occur as he asks me to choose the next exercise  and then tells me, “You can’t pick that one.  Try again.”  We all thoroughly enjoy watching him do jumping jacks.

{The rest of today’s post can be enjoyed at Hip Homeschool Moms Come hear about our day full of hobbits and humor.  Seriously!}


Link up, bloggers!  I love seeing your days!


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