A Day in the Life of a Homeschooler {Day 3}

by GfG on January 9, 2013 · 9 comments

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{10 day series on daily life in our homeschooling world with six kiddos.  Each day has a different focus in the play by play!  Today’s focus: a 14 yo boy’s view of his day- in italics.}

6:15 I get angry even though mostly asleep that hubby makes a bunch of noise as looks for a book to return to the library after work.  Have I mentioned I am not a morning person?

7:30  I pound the snooze button.  I do this 4 times. Sadly, the alarm clock survives.

8:15 Wake up and tackle Paul Louis. 

8:18 I tell the blessings to eat granola for breakfast while I get showered and ready.  Since I will see people outside our home today, I brave the frigid air for my shower.  As I get ready, I remember that HB has gone to work with Paul.  Will be strange without her here.

8:40 I call a friend who is on my heart so I can pray with and for her and her husband.  We chat a bit.

9:00 Catechism, scripture memory and prayer with a warm cup of chai in my hands and my darling children in front of me.

9:16 I respond to Facebook pms and emails.

9:30 AAS with Chloe, then Esther, and finally Phoebe.  While working with Phoebe, I hear some bickering.  I deal with it from where I sit (aka: I shout at them to stop).  Paul Louis works on pattern block papers.

9:45 I wipe a bottom and ignore the pretty rough looking kids’ bathroom since no one is coming over and it’s not Friday.

9:46 Continue with AAS.  As soon as I am done, Paul Louis asks to do spelling “by myself”.

10:15 Math

11:00 Announce a “5 Minute Pick Up” {I will address this and housework in general in tomorrow’s post}

11:05 Math with Esther.  She becomes frustrated more than a few times and keeps saying, “I can’t do it.”  I am required to push through my own frustration of knowing she can. I speak kindly and walk her through the first problem.  She immediately knows the answer and I encouragingly say, “See, you can do it!”

Day in the Life #7 WEB

11:13 English story for my class.  

11:21 Very cool moment: Chloe asks me to come to her room and, with a huge grin, shares that in the novel she is reading (An Angel in the Square) the character just said that they “listened to David Copperfield and Les Miserables while they worked”.  She wiggles with excitement while staring at me and then adds, “That means they worked a loooooong time!”

11:30 Math with Phoebe.  I call RightStart’s “helper” so she can explain a method in a lesson.  Instead of only teacher help, I find encouragement as the woman and I talk about home buying.  She lives in Albuquerque but wants to buy out here.  I want to buy out here too, but we can’t afford what  I like.  In God’s loving Providence, He brings me a delightful conversation with a perfect stranger about our exact area and situation.  How precious!

Esther works on drawing and cutting out dragons while sitting next to Phoebe while Phoebe does math.  I love that Esther loves to be near her big sister.

12:04 Visual Latin

12:12 Writing with Phoebe and Esther.  Noah is doing Latin, Chloe is reading, and Paul Louis is playing on the iPad.

I feel very distracted and keep hopping on the computer.   I am like a puppy in that I get very distracted.  And delayed.  Ahem. Internet is a problem for me.  I ask the LORD to help me.  Again.

12:27 Continue working on English

12:40 Roll and cook tortillas for our bean burritos.  Noah makes salsa.  Phoebe preps the burritos.

1:00 Language lessons with Phoebe and Esther.  Check FB and email again.  Ahem.

1:16 Eat, meal chores, return a phone call.

1:50 Geography with everyone

2:00 Science.  Man, the solar system is so stinkin’ fascinating.  Seriously.  Paul Louis adores astronomy.  He asks if he can do science “by myself” after we finish.  So great.

2:15 Bible reading and end of week questions. 

Day in the Life #8 WEB

2:30 Tuck Paul Louis in for nap.  I am tempted to snuggle with him as he and I both fall asleep.  I am so grateful for my life at this very moment.

2:40 Read Story of the World aloud with Phoebe, Esther and Chloe.  Narration after every few paragraphs.

3:00 Science (Apologia General Science)

3:15 Listen to The Hobbit chapters 3 and 4 with Esther and Phoebe.  I am verrrrry sleepy, so I start writing up my blog post.

3:28 Listen to The Hobbit for a few minutes

3:40 Am done for the day, but I want to keep working on English assignment

3:42 I realize I have to fix dinner since we are making the kiddos here instead of taking them to church home group tonight to eat.  Yikes. Are carrots and apples a good dinner?  Yes!  Very healthy.  Appealing?  Not so much.  I go make a better plan.

4:00 I go lay down for a bit since my sinuses are hurting again, but have too much on my mind to sleep.

4:45 I start dinner. Paul Louis is sleeping.  Chloe is reading.  Noah is playing on the iTouch.  Phoebe and Esther are playing on the iPad.

days end

5:00 Esther complains that her side hurts.  Her lower right side.  I calculate how long it will take us to get to “town” and an operating room to remove the appendix I’m sure is rupturing and gangrenous   She cries, tries to go potty, and shuffles around.  I finish dinner and get ready to throw her in the car for the quickest drive to Albuquerque on record, while simultaneously googling  appendix issues.

5:10  Esther asks if she can play her new Wii game.  She does so with no crying or complaining, but leans to her left.  Egad!  These are the moments I struggle to handle well.  Do I go to the ER?  How long do I wait to decide so?  Should I stay home from church group?

5:16 I have a cup of chai latte to calm my nerves.

5:19 Superhero squad with Stephen! Yea!

5:38 Esther says, “Oh.  It doesn’t hurt now.  I guess playing Wii helped. ”  Surgery avoided.  Whew!

5:39 I quickly serve dinner and gather my stuff to go to home group.  I also assign tasks: all laundry shall be folded and put up & rooms picked up while parents are gone.  They may watch a movie while folding (there are four loads).

9:45 Arrive home blessed and encouraged.

(Wow.  I forgot how descriptive 14 yo boys can be.  Ahem.  Sorry about that.  Not much for you in his view.)

Our week is going very well.

Tomorrow’s play by play will include a focus on housework issues during the day.

How’s your week?  

Bloggers, link up!  Readers, check out the other flavors of homeschooling in the links.  Remember: each blog post is an entry for the Amazon gift card!

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